Here’s a sample of one I created recently

It doesn’t matter how awesome your product is, without proper marketing materials no one will ever know. Part of your marketing materials is killer sales pages. If you want to make many sales on any given product, create spectacular sales pages that make it easy for your target audience to choose to buy.

Sales Pages Should Be Scanable

Most people do not read the entire sales page. Therefore,it’s imperative that you make the sales page easily scannable with appropriate bullets, headlines, and plenty of white space. It should be clear at a glance what your offer is, what the price is, and how your guarantee works. Even if you have a long sales page, they should be able to look without scanning and see the complete offer.

You Must Have a Compelling Offer

If your readers cannot read the sales page and figure out what your compelling offer is, they’re not going to buy. You need to tell them exactly why your product is better, different, and a must buy. There should be no ambivalence about why they need to buy this product. You need to explain to your readers the benefits of your product in a way that speaks to them while also addressing their fears, concerns, and needs.

You Must Price Your Product Right

If you price it too cheap your audience may believe your product isn’t worth it. If you price it too high, they’ll realize you don’t know them. Knowing the right price to charge for your product takes insight into the demographics of your target audience as well as an honest assessment of your product’s worth. What is this product going to do for your target audience and what is that solution worth?

Your Product Guarantee Should Be Clear

Don’t try to be tricky about the product guarantee, just state it right out what it is and exactly how to take advantage of it. People like to know exactly how to get their money back if they’re not satisfied, and they don’t want to feel tricked. So, make it simple. Then follow through with providing refunds exactly as you stated you would. It might help to hire a customer service Virtual Assistant who will handle this aspect so that you can remove all the emotion from it.

Your Sales Page Should Elicit Trust

Give your readers reasons to trust you by providing some background information about you, and why you’re the right person to trust with the creation of this product. What is your background, and why are you an expert? Show pictures of users of your products along with their testimonials. Include a detailed FAQ about your product and how you provide customer service to your buyers.

By creating a sales page that incorporates all these features into it, you’ll be sure to hit home with your audience. It takes insight into your niche market to create a sales page that converts. You may need to create more than one sales page in order to test which one work best. That’s what’s so awesome about online sales and product launches. If something isn’t working, you can adjust on the fly without enormous costs.