Just when sales professionals need it most….Sales Intelligence rises.

Who is the real Batman? According to DC Comics, Batman is the masked disguise of Bruce Wayne, billionaire playboy of Wayne Enterprises. The real question is what makes Batman a superhero? Unlike most superheroes, he does not possess any superpowers. However, there is a key underlining fact as to what makes the Batman one of the greatest comic book heroes of our time.

If you’ve seen the movies or read the comics you are already aware that he has a set of combat skills that makes him a powerful force to recon with. However, what truly makes him invincible is the technology he constantly uses for his serious crime-fighting.

Batman utilizes a number of technologically advanced tools including: his utility belt, the Bat Suit, The Bat (his flying vehicle in the Dark Knight Rises), and his cape (allows him to fly). This line of technology is what makes Bruce Wayne the Batman. Although Bruce is an extraordinary individual, he could have never have been the super hero he is without his line of advanced technology.

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I mean, have you ever seen the Batcomputer? It’s more powerful than the Sequoia Supercomputer. Any information Batman needs is at his fingertips, he can run simulations and analyze data at break neck speed. Batman has access to intelligence that makes most State and Federal agencies jealous.

The B2B sales industry is not so different from Batman. The sales industry is a late-comer to innovation: technology just can’t replace those human instincts of building authentic relationships or understanding a customer’s need. However, buyer behavior has changed. By the time you reach your customers, they probably already know more about you than you know about them. Today’s buyers are web and social media savvy, they are informed about your offering – and your competitors’ – and they are starting the sales process without you. You can either take on these new buyers in hand-to-hand combat, or you can use technology to empower your B2B sales skills.

Technology is the key to taking on today’s buyers. You can’t wing sales pitches or cold calls anymore. Buyers are becoming evermore knowledgeable due to the extreme amount of information on the Internet. You need to be 10x more knowledgeable than they are.

The Aberdeen study on the Science of Sales Intelligence shows that 42% of companies have insufficient knowledge of the business needs of prospects.

Use technology such as sales intelligence to improve your knowledge of the buyer’s needs and combat insufficiency. Here are some examples of what sales intelligence can bring you:

  1. Smart Connections (below): Smart Connection technology finds relationships through your colleagues, your previous employers, and your existing customers.
  2. Smart Agents: Smart Agents monitor 20,000+ online news sources, SEC publications, and job boards to alert sales people about key opportunities. Smart Agents work on a sales rep’s behalf to minimize research and ensure that they never miss a sales opportunity.
  3. Company and People Watchlist: People Watchlists allow you to build a list of potential prospects, customers or influential figures and follow their activities. Company Watchlists help you track and monitor a list of companies for relevant business opportunities and challenges.
  4. Industry Profiles: An industry profile gives you a quick overview of challenges, trends, business drivers as well as a visual representation of the size and structure of an organization so you can get up to speed on industries in just minutes.

Once again, Batman is a great example of a superhero that utilizes technology to get the job done. He is not driving around Gotham City fighting crime in a Honda Accord wearing ski mask and black sweats. No, he is zipping around in his Batmobile or flying around with his cape because that is the only way he can beat evil villains like the Joker and Bane.

Companies who empower their sales team with sales intelligence see a 28.4% increase in year-over-year company revenue. –Understanding the Science of Sales Intelligence; Aberdeen Group

Don’t be the sales rep trying to fight crime with nothing but hand-to-hand combat. Adapt to today’s buyers by utilizing technology and become a sales super hero.

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