Sales forecasting is a major challenge that almost every expansion-stage company will face.

It is most certainly an area that many of our portfolio companies have struggled with. What we have found, however, is that the companies that struggle the most with their sales forecasts are struggling because they lack the basic fundamentals of forecasting — having effective, consistent forecast review meetings, asking the right questions, reviewing the right opportunities, leveraging technology, and supplementing the entire process with periodic pipeline review meetings.

To address this important gap that many early and expansion-stage companies face we pooled our internal knowledge and experience, tapped sales leaders within the portfolio companies, and reached out to topical experts such as Jeff Hoffman, President at M.J. Hoffman and Associates, and Swayne Hill, Co-Founder & SVP at Cloud9 Analytics to create our latest eBook, Sales Forecasts: A Questions of Method, Not Magic.

This eBook is a comprehensive guide to sales forecasting that is perfect for CEOs and VPs of Sales at expansion-stage software companies who need to learn the fundamentals of building a scalable forecasting process. The eBook includes a range of topics and tips that cover everything from why sales forecasting is critical to how to run an effective forecast review meeting, to how to leverage technology effectively to manage the forecasting process.

Finally, the end of the eBook contains a great list of additional resources for developing your sales process, developing sales forecasts, and analyst reports on sales forecasting.

I hope you have a chance to read it, and would really welcome any comments or feedback on the eBook in the comments thread on my blog. You can download it here: Sales Forecasts: A Questions of Method, Not Magic.

In the coming weeks I’ll be working with a number of the contributors to the eBook to publish some follow-up posts that cover some more advanced forecasting and pipeline management techniques.

photo by: kenteegardin

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