sales engagement

The sales landscape is fast changing. We are witnessing the explosion of new sales-tools, vendors and solutions. We are constantly sold various sales tools by different-different vendors that promise to amplify our productivity. Now, sorting through this vendor-chaos is daunting. The last thing you want is investing in a sales tool that will serve to complicate your sales process rather than simplifying it.

Another challenge is this: Sales reps always run short of time!

Even though the use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems has immensely helped the sales reps in saving a lot of time, and also improved how businesses manage their customers, these systems do have their own shortcomings.

That’s why Sales Engagement Platforms are becoming more and more popular with sales reps. A Sales Engagement Platform or SEP lumps together all the tools which you need into a solid sales engagement software and thereby helps the sales reps to engage faster and increase their productivity. But exactly what benefits do sales engagement platforms offer to your business organization? Read on to find out…

1. Easy Sales Content Management:

Sales engagement platforms provide the sales reps with engagement analytics. The analytics helps them to determine which content is popular with the readers. This will be a significant competitive advantage for your business.

Advanced analytics enables the reps to learn the needs of the prospects and the customers in real time. Now, furnished with this information, your sales rep can act quickly to pursue a lead or re-adjust their sales strategy.

The information provided includes:

  • Which content is leading to more sales and which is not: Sales reps can use this information to tweak content to clinch more sales. This leads to more guided selling with the application of sales energy concentrated on deserving leads.

  • Proliferation of Smartphones has brought a new angle to web browsing and other online interactions. Mobile tech gadgets are no longer a luxury. They are becoming invaluable online business tools. Theses gadgets provide a new way for the reps to engage with the prospects while on the go. Mobile devices provide more customer engagement which may lead to more sales. Mobile responsive sales engagement platforms enables sales agents to do some mundane tasks such as updating their records on CRM system of record. This saves them time and allows you to focus on winning new customers.

2. Constant And Multi-Medium Communication:

In the business world, communication is the key. You need to keep constant communication with your prospects. There are various communication tools you can use to communicate with your prospects. But, there is nothing more important than your sales messages.

That means, you need to get your sales message across in the most reliable way. And also in a way that makes follow-up less straining and time saving.

Now, sales engagement platforms enable you to communicate with potential customers via the many mediums of communication such as email or SMS. Besides, they make it easier for you to conduct sales presentations and live pitches. The sales engagement platform eliminates the need for other communication tools such as web conferencing tools. Live pitches promises quicker results and also fast tracks the sales process.

3. Improved Pipeline Forecasting:

For an organization to successfully manage their pipeline, they must know the number of opportunities in the pipeline. The organization also needs to know the value of every single deal in the pipeline, how long each of the prospect spends in the pipeline, and most importantly, the win rate. Although Customer Relation Management software have been providing most of this data, but there is a need for advanced sales engagement tool. Now, these new-age ‘digital listening’ tools are giving sales reps more capabilities they never had before. They help them improve their timing for follow-up activities. Also, they help them engage more with the prospects through insightful selling approach.

4. Customer Lifecycle Support:

The customer lifecycle can be long and frustrating to the sales rep. Right from pitching to the prospect, to follow up, to close, to support and expansion, it is never easy.

This is where a SEP steps in. A Sales Engagement Platform becomes the ideal platform to support guided selling and predictive analytics. It centralizes the customer engagement data required to inform the sales cycle. All this is based on the customer’s unique needs and engagement. Ultimately, it helps shorten the sales cycles.

Some advanced and popular Sales Engagement Platforms (SEP) that can make your sales sky-rocket include:

  • SalesHandy – A powerful sales engagement platform that provides advanced engagement analytics, and advanced content tracking abilities.

  • LiveHive – A sales platform that automatically shows you how your sales content is being shared across the organization.

  • ClearSlide – This platform helps the sales reps to connect and engage with complicated prospects. However, the platform is a bit beyond the reach of most businesses.

The time when Office applications used to be the in-thing for business are over. Now, businesses are keen on improving their productivity. One way of doing that is by reducing the amount of time they spend working on different sales tools. Also, they need to be in constant communication with the prospects. Although CRMs have tried to solve this problem, a better sales software that combines all these sales tools into one single powerful sales software is needed. This is where a Sales Engagement Platform comes in. And that is why businesses are adopting such platforms in droves!