Sales Enablement Business Success

While every industry has a slightly different definition of sales enablement, it generally involves researching and utilizing resources that allow a sales team to improve overall results. The definition and process of sales enablement changed little through the years until approximately five years ago. Now that laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones have made it possible to be constantly connected to the Internet, the definition and importance of sales enablement has expanded greatly. Prior to 2010, tablets and smartphones were nice to have, but still considered a luxury. Today they are an essential part of the sales experience.

Making a Sale in the Post-PC Era

Salespeople and business executives alike are no longer stuck at their desk in front of a personal computer all day, which is a game-changer for everyone. The following skills are essential in order to execute successful sales enablement today:

  • Assessment
  • Coaching
  • Equipping
  • Organization
  • Recruitment
  • Training

Companies that are experiencing weak sales should focus on improvement in these areas. It is also important for the entire sales team to have the same training and use the same metrics to measure success. Investing in a sales enablement platform from an outside vendor can also help to jumpstart sluggish sales. In keeping with the spirit of the times, the application should be mobile-friendly and allow users to collaborate on sales efforts from multiple locations (1).

Sales and Marketing Must Come Together

In the past, many organizations viewed their sales and marketing teams as completely separate entities. However, rapid changes in technology have required both teams to come together to understand buyers and present a united front for the company. The key to success in sales enablement is to understand the buyer’s experience at all stages of the buying cycle. Successful salespeople already possess this knowledge and should be eager to share it with the company’s marketing professionals. Key points to consider are what motivates buyers, factors they consider during the buying process, and indications that they are ready to initiate the active part of the buying cycle.

How to Set Up the Sales Team for Success

Scoring and grading potential prospects are two specific ways the marketing team can help the sales team bring in more revenue for the company. A prospect’s score is based on interest level while the grade refers to how well it fits into the company’s profile of the ideal prospect. By only passing on leads that meet a certain scoring and grading threshold, it helps to eliminate disagreement between marketing and sales about the quality of leads. It’s also essential for the marketing team to periodically reach out to cold leads with new information to pique their interest in setting up a sales call.

Effective Sales Enablement Requires Constant Communication

Misunderstandings and even resentments fester when members of both teams don’t have the opportunity to communicate regularly (2). Each person should be encouraged to state concerns and offer feedback in a respectful manner as often as necessary. Both the sales and marketing teams should also have a clear understanding of each other’s role and the unique challenges each one faces. Scheduling regular meetings with both teams and attending the other team’s meetings periodically are excellent ways to achieve this goal.

Video: Sales Enablement Best Practices by Gerhard Gschwandtner

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