Cold Calling is DeadThe past couple of weeks have been dedicated to 10 killer internet marketing techniques that you can employ in your business that will drive your lead generation efforts.

Today is Step 9, Inbound Marketing.

My business and sales coach always preaches that you must be constantly prospecting if you want to grow your sales and earn more money. He believes that if you aren’t picking up the phone on a regular basis your likelihood of success is very small.

I have been involved in sales my entire career and I would agree that cold calling on the telephone has traditionally been a very successful prospecting method for me. Perhaps you have had the same experience in your sales career.

But there is a problem….

Buyers Don’t Want to Talk to You!

Have you noticed in your cold calling efforts that it is becoming more and more difficult to get decision makers on the phone? And have you noticed that when you do get them on the phone they are usually really quick to brush you off?

Sure, once in a while you happen to get someone who has a particular need right at the moment you called and your perfect timing lands you a sales appointment, but in my experience I have found these opportunities few and far between.

In fact I have not made a sale from a cold call in four and a half years, but my business has grown every year!

Don’t get me wrong, telephone cold calling is still a method of prospecting that works and if you don’t mind beating your head against the wall, getting hung up on a lot, fighting to reach decision makers and having a lot more failure than success, then I would encourage you to continue doing cold calling!

The Death of Outbound

Cold calling and traditional advertising (print, television & radio) are outbound marketing strategies based on interrupting your prospects with your message and hoping they pay attention and have a need for your product or service right now.

If you are like most people, you never pay attention to ads. But when you have a particular need or interest, then you may notice related advertising because the message triggers something subconsciously.

Traditionally, companies entire marketing budgets have gone toward the hope of interrupting someone at the point where they are ready to make a decision or penetrating the subconscious mind with their message so much that the buyer will magically remember them when they are ready to make a decision.

That’s great if you have gobs of time and money to throw at marketing!

The Rise of Inbound

As the Internet and search engines have grown and become more popular, information has become incredibly easy to find. This enables buyers to find information on any topic they are interested in.

They can do their homework on their time and only when they are ready to buy will they pick up the phone or drop by your shop to negotiate a deal.

Usually by the time you are talking to them they already know a lot about your product or service and they just want to talk price and value of buying from you instead of someone else.

Inbound Marketing is about getting involved while your prospective customers are doing their research and becoming a resource in helping their decision making process.

Could Inbound Marketing Improve your Business Results?

Our WSI Milton office recently signed on as a HubSpot business partner. Our motivation to sign up was twofold:

  1. We want to generate more of our own inbound sales leads from prospects who are more educated about Internet Marketing when they contact us so that we can invest less time educating and more time servicing them.
  2. HubSpot is a global leader in Inbound Marketing, just as WSI is a global leader in Internet Marketing. As a service to our clients we have been offering content marketing services and the HubSpot software is a very valuable add-on to this service with incredible built-in lead tracking and nurturing capabilities.

Here is a case study of a client we are implementing Inbound Marketing for, using HubSpot. We began on October 17, 2012, 34 days ago. Since that time we have posted 20 articles.

Prior to using the HubSpot software we were blogging consistently since the beginning of September. There have been 40 new articles posted since we started.

From the beginning of September to the middle of October we noticed a 177.7% increase in blog traffic and a 30.9% increase in website traffic. Organic search engine traffic increased 22.6% on the blog and 8.1% on the website.

After implementing the HubSpot software, from October 17 until November 20, 2012 we have seen a 5.4% increase in blog traffic and a 70.5% increase in website traffic. Organic search traffic increased 45.9% on the blog and 59% on the website.

Most importantly, since we began implementing inbound marketing strategies for this client, there has been a 142.5% increase in their lead generation results.

Inbound marketing strategies will earn the interest of your prospects who are doing research. When you offer your visitors valuable information to help them in their decision process you have an opportunity to develop a relationship with them.

What Should You Do Now?

WSI Milton helps business owners and presidents get more sales leads with Internet Marketing Strategies and Systems, such as Inbound Marketing.

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