Post sales calls

Post sales calls

Pre-call planning is a popular topic – a lot has been written about it. Even more has been written about what to do and not to do during the sales call.

On the other hand, what you do after the sales call is a topic that has received somewhat less attention. So let’s take a look at a systematic approach for getting the post call follow-up right.

  • Commit to next steps. Effective follow-up starts in the call itself. No matter how small establish some commitment for next steps that you and the customer will take that moves the sales cycle forward.
  • Immediately confirm. People forget. Plus it often takes time for either you or the customer to deliver what was promised in the meeting. So immediately confirm the commitments for clarity and for making sure nobody forgets.
  • Go the extra mile. In regard to your commitment try and deliver a little more value than the customer is anticipating.
  • Super-check the customer’s reaction. Make sure the customer is satisfied with what you delivered – if not, make the necessary corrections.
  • Propose a next step. When you deliver what you promised suggest a next step to build the relationship with the customer.

The good news about follow-up is it is primarily about discipline not skill – so you can get better at it right away.

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