There is nothing wrong with ‘salvaging’ data from old software leads. You know what they say: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. However, there does come a point where some things could be just be beyond reuse. It is like the equivalent of a machine that is too damaged or mangled. It is the same with your software leads. As you recycle them, make sure you only go for those that are still intact!

Splitting Software Leads Between Solid Junk And Scrap Junk

You know the common plot point in movies like Real Steel where the protagonists just happen to stumble upon a rusty yet still intact robot? That robot represents the software leads your firm needs to recover. If you want a more realistic example, imagine you stumble upon an old prospect who could still be using and older version. Upgrades can be critical to meaningfully using business technology so why deny them the knowledge you have one available?

That is, of course, on the condition that your lead generator finds software leads intact. And by intact, it means these are the kind of old software leads who did close and acquired your technology but did not do any of the following:

  • Acquired from a competitor – Hearing this might sting you a little bit on the inside but that is what happens when you neglect your old software leads. You can make a case for yourself some other time but for now, best keep salvaging for others.
  • Undergone complete change – Plenty of things can actually fall under this definition but none of them have anything to do with software or software leads. These are the kind of changes that drastically alter what you have learned about them. Things like having a new address to the complete failure of the business are just some of the common examples. It serves as a reminder to make sure your contact and prospect data stay updated.
  • Already are recycled – This can be both funny but at the same time, another small reminder. You could be having so many old software leads that some former prospects return to you instead of waiting for you to recycle them. Make sure you really pay more attention to them because they could be more aware of their upgrade needs than you realize.

Making the most out of your old software leads goes along with the old yet powerful business strategy of focusing on repeat buyers instead of always just acquiring new clients. That depends though, on how intact these old qualified business software leads are. It is only when they are intact that you can restore their interest and make them whole again.