ecommerce behavior

We’ve all seen the movie scene where two poker players face off in a winner-take-all hand, and the villain is done in by a cinematic “tell” that reveals his cards are weak. Maybe it’s a blink, a twitch, or a tic. The hero spots it, knows the villain is bluffing, and wins the day.

That’s not how real poker works.
At all. If it did, top poker players wouldn’t be able to win online, where the players are invisible to one another—except for their online betting behaviors. It’s these digital behaviors that are the true tells, in poker and in online retailing. Spot the tells, and you can know when your customer is close to making a purchase, or close to abandoning your site. And that makes all the difference in the world.

We know how frustrating sales uncertainty can be: What if I needlessly offer a sale to customers willing to pay full price? What if I lose a sale over pennies? What if I spend all my time on a lost cause and miss the great opportunities that pass by on their way to becoming lifetime customers for my competitor?

That last one gives us chills! The worst-case scenario is to lose a customer that, once won, remains loyal—and profitable—forever. And that’s why we exist—to give you the tells of every customer that visits your site instantly, so that you can adjust your strategies instantly, converting shoppers into buyers, and buyers into the lifetime customers that will haunt your competition for a change!

Note that we use the term “converting” purposefully, as it’s become the lingo for earning an online purchase. What was once called the purchase funnel is now reborn online as the conversion funnel. Marketers will probably call it something else in a few years, as we like to reinvent the wheel—it’s in our blood, isn’t it? But the concept is the same: Shoppers move from awareness to interest, then to desire, and finally to action. Only now, they move through the digital space of your online retail presence. And from the moment they see your landing page, they are leaving tells everywhere.

How long they stay on the landing page is a tell. How deep they go into your conversion funnel is a tell. Do they abandon your site on the landing page? The product page? The checkout page?

All Tells. All opportunities:
With the right data, you can instantly start a conversation, remove a doubt, inspire a commitment, change minds, win hearts—all because you know them better. And the longer you know them, the more you know them, and the more powerfully your brand voice can sway them.

But how, exactly, do you sway these not-so-invisible customers? To be continued…