How to qualify your VOIP Leads?

What’s the difference between Instant coffee and filtered or brewed coffee? says, instant coffee is pre brewed coffee ready to rehydrate with boiling water. It dissolves and is ready to drink with no residue. Filtered coffee is ground roasted beans through which you pour boiling water and the liquid is passed through a filter leaving only the fresh brew. The grounds stay trapped in the filter.

So which tastes better? says, brewed coffee has a much stronger, deeper, and fresher taste. Instant coffee still has a coffee taste, but it is a little more muted.

Like coffee, a VOIP lead can either be generated at an instant or filtered depending on the organization’s business need and requirement.

Oracle stated that businesses have varied needs and may post different criteria for a qualified lead. If the need for a database update arises and no specific sales offer is determined yet, a customer profiling campaign can be ran which would qualify verified information of a contact as a lead. While the need to hit sales number goals would require appointment setting campaigns with tighter criteria like BANT (budget, authority, need, timeline).

What some marketers consider as a sales-ready lead may just be a mere inquiry for others. This means that, a qualified lead can be defined in different ways: HOT, WARM or COLD.

VOIP lead generation providers like bank on powerful platforms that streamline complex b2b marketing strategies by educating prospects with industry-specific online walkthroughs while progressively profiling leads as they interact online. This automated verification system eases and expedites the lead generation and qualification processes. (Doesn’t that sound like instant coffee?)

However, VOIP lead generators don’t solely depend on the automated verification system but employ live operators to verify the quality of leads.

Here are some insights on qualifying leads from

#1: When a Sales Lead Bites, Contain Your Enthusiasm

The first thing salespeople – especially new and eager ones – need to realize is that not every sales opportunity is worth jumping at. Many sales staffs get so excited at the prospect of a sale that they lose sight of the bigger picture of how the sale will play out down the road.

This is true. Adrenalin rushes all over you when a prospect answers all your questions and says YES to an appointment. But wait, many sales professionals still use the BANT criteria in qualifying leads. This means that, aside from filling out the BANT questions with answers, you have to feel out if the prospect’s budget levels with your product or service’s cost and vice versa, if the prospect solely decides in the buying process or can just recommend, if the prospect has the need, and when do they purchase.

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#2: Ask the Right Questions of Your Sales Prospect

The way to divine the BANT standard is to make sure you’re controlling the sales meeting and asking targeted questions.

Sales experts advise not to be too excited in pitching your sales spiel instead, ask probing questions that would derive information that will ensure a good fit offer for the prospect.

In the book, Questions that Sell, the author cited that prospects are likely to buy if you are able to create an emotional connection with them, and shared the three-tiered approach:

  1. First ask about their decision-making process to find out who in the company makes the purchasing calls and its overall goals
  2. Then ask about decision-making criteria, which helps weed out less serious prospects.
  3. Next, ask about the criteria for the vendor they’re looking for, which helps determine whether it’s a high-value lead.

#3: Work With Your Street Team When Analyzing Sales Leads

Work with your group leaders to get everyone and everything aligned in qualifying the lead at selling point A or at the initial contact before going through the Quality Assurance specialist, will not only ensure efficiency among the sales frontline people or the callers but will definitely streamline the lead qualification process that produces well-filtered, high quality sales-ready voip leads.

Producing high-quality voip sales leads need to go through a filtering process that weeds out bad leads and contain only the best. A cup of Americano please…