To celebrate the first day of Summer, I decided to jumpstart my own fitness program. But, about halfway through my 30 minute program on the Step Mill, I found my motivation waning. Wasn’t 20 minutes better than nothing? Shouldn’t I get back to work? Would it make a difference anyways after eating that mini cupcake this morning?

I thought about quitting, but on the machine, an icon kept flashing the number of floors I’d climbed so far, and another icon showed me the calories being burned in real-time. Seeing that progress pushed me to keep going.

What can you do as a sales leader to give teams the boost they need to keep going and close the deal in the “last mile” of the customer journey?

In today’s sales environment, the vital home stretch has become a hit or a miss opportunity. Without insight into buyer-side activities, sales teams have difficulty qualifying the increasing number of marketing leads. This bogs down your team, results in missed possibilities, and increases the length of your sales cycle.

What if your reps could get insights to power them to close the deal – in the same way insights spurred me to finish my workout?

By providing deep visibility into buyer behaviors combined with automation, sales acceleration technologies can give your sales team a surge of power in the last mile – picking up the baton where the leg of the race for both CRM and marketing automation systems ends.

Sales acceleration tools give your team:

An instant pulse on prospects’ interests and interest level

Nothing motivates a sales rep more than seeing an interested prospect in real-time! Sales acceleration tools can give reps insight into buyer behaviors, showing how they engage with content and emails on a deep level. They can qualify marketing leads faster, send the poor leads back for more nurturing, and focus on the best ones!

A look at the bigger picture

According to research, there can be 5.4 people involved in the B2B decision-making process. Sales acceleration tools can help uncover all stakeholders in the process by showing when and to whom content and emails are forwarded and giving you profile information for recipients.

A built-in energy boost through automation

By automating routing selling tasks like emailing with group email and email templates, reps can focus on activities that bring more value to the organization. Automation streamlines processes, so time is spent more effectively.

Sales acceleration technologies that combine analytics with automation can reveal what emails and processes get the best buyer response rate – so you can repeat those sales cycle elements. By driving repeatable behaviors, you also increase your lead conversion efficiency –a top concern of today’s sales operations, according to a recent Aberdeen Group survey.

I got through the workout and climbed 95 floors – higher than the Transamerica Building in San Francisco.

Think how you can get the adrenaline flowing for your sales team in the last leg of the race with sales acceleration technologies. Learn more in this white paper: “Why Sales VPs are Turning to Digital Listening to Accelerate Sales” and help get your sales team get in tip top shape this summer with this free guide “The Vital Signs Checklist.

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