Most people focus on their strengths in leadership because it allows them to help others and create an efficient team. However, when you overuse those strengths, they can start to become weaknesses, creating problems like micromanaging. Therefore, it’s important for managers and other leaders to understand which strengths can turn into weaknesses and how to prevent this from happening.

Constantly Stressing Results

Results are a necessary aspect of sales, but when you focus primarily on results and relentlessly try to maximize output or increase production, you may start micromanaging your team. Micromanagement is where you start to become obsessed with minute details, stand over the person, or tell them what to do/how to do it. This can undermine operations and reduce morale. It’s necessary to focus on results, but it’s also important to balance goal orientation and direction by delegating tasks appropriately.

Too Much Humor/Wit

Humor and wit are excellent ways to lighten up a stressful situation and to start connecting with your team or group. You must have a strong sense of social awareness and self to help you understand when humor is an appropriate motivator. Otherwise, your levity may make others feel dumb or that they don’t need to be serious. Overusing your humorous side can also lead your team to believe that you don’t take your job seriously or don’t take them seriously.

Always Requesting a Consensus

The term consensus means to bring others into the decision-making process. This leadership tactic works well and creates a bond between management and employee. However, it can be a time-consuming problem in some situations. It’s best to use the consensus technique when you have a serious decision that will affect everyone. Otherwise, choosing a more consultative approach is usually best. When consensus is necessary, adopt a strategy that allows everyone to voice their opinion without taking too much time away from sales and other obligations.

These are just a few examples, but most other sales leadership strengths can create weakness in an organization when overused. A great sales leader knows how to balance their leadership strengths and uses them at the right time when they have the largest and most beneficial impact on their team. Learning how to balance your leadership strategies is one of the best ways to improve your overall leadership skills. You already know what your leadership strengths are, you just need to know how to balance them and you can improve you leadership abilities.