So you decide to outsource telemarketing because you feel that there is just no way your attention can be divided any further. There are many circumstances where that is understandable. However, even an outsourced telemarketing firm still needs a minimal amount of attention in order to benefit. In the same sense, even your own customers have some responsibility over successful software implementation.

Attention For Telemarketing Is Like Assembly For Software (And Small Toys)

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To make it even simpler, remember those toys that have the label “Some Assembly Required” on them? It is the same thing when it comes to paying attention to outsourced telemarketing for your lead generation & appointment setting functions. Despite the huge trend of businesses focusing on a more customer-centric experience, your customers still cannot expect you to do every little thing for them.

Certainly you, as a software vendor, will quickly grow tired of ‘assisting’ customers who lack even the most basic computer skills. (Goodness knows how many telemarketing companies dread getting similar calls when they are doing customer service.)

Thus, you do not want to be so excessively dependent even if you are in dire need of software leads, like CRM software leads and ERP software leads. Never forget your own responsibilities as the outsourcing party such as:

  • Providing basic details – Telemarketing firms run lead generation campaigns of their own. It makes sense to provide them with the basic details as much as you want your own prospects to give you theirs. When browsing for services and encountering contact forms, always give a name and sufficient contact details.
  • Defining your expectations – From your basic definition of a lead to the way telemarketing results interact with the results of your other methods, you need to lay them down when meeting your provider for the first time. A client meeting will go well for the both of you and this will extend to smoother collaboration during the rest of the campaign.
  • Know where to expect results – Many telemarketing firms tell their prospects where to expect their results. In this day and age, it is likely that they will give you access to their own CRM database. Your sales leads (in all their important details) should be easily accessible and with clear instructions on when to ask for assistance. Pay attention to those instructions.

Many telemarketing services get a lot of bad flak not because of poor performance but because of bad customers. Business is a two-way relationship (whether it is B2B or B2C). After all, a common gripe among IT companies is that customers have little understanding of their software’s value and how their own cooperation impacts the success of projects.

It should not be different for something as comparatively simpler as picking your own telemarketing services for your own software sales leads.

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