Some of the common fears about outsourcing software lead generation include exploiting bad labor practices or people who really are not trained well enough to do the job for you. What these worries do not tell you is that expert lead generation companies have no trouble treating its recruits well but at the same time putting them to work in roles that already make real contribution to their process.

How Lead Generation Companies Trains Recruits As They Work

Software Leads, Lead Generation CompanyThink of a lead generation company like a sort of barracks or a sort of training camp. Every day, it receives recruits from all over and they come for many reasons: to earn a living, to learn new skills, maybe even because their friends are there. Yet no matter what their reasons, both the learning and working has already begun. How?

  • Everyone starts small – Unless these recruits have exceptionally experienced already (likely from previous jobs), everyone has to start from the beginning. Coincidentally, the same goes for generating software leads. The lead generation process starts with a lot of small tasks like checking and managing data for example.
  • Like squires to knights – Just as squires of the medieval ages supported knights, recruits support the activities of their seniors. Lead generation companies depend on things like cleaned up data so that their marketers will have fewer concerns than the most difficult and this goes even more so for the salespeople that they support.
  • Challenges increase – Naturally, training does not work if the trainers are too uneasy about taking things up a notch. And again, there are similarities in the lead generation process. Good data does not stay good for long if it is not being used to the fullest. Once it is clear that your outsourced employees have reached a particular level of mastery, know that they are assigned new tasks just like any other company.
  • They become teachers themselves – Here the process becomes a cycle. Once the newbies become experienced employees, they become mentors themselves in the ways of lead generation. As they are given new tasks, their simpler ones get relegated to those who are still learning. What normal company does not do this really? (Lead generation or otherwise.)

To summarize this in a fancier way, let us go back to the example of a squire. Squires do everything that knights still do themselves except on a higher level. They do things like fix up their master’s swords and prep up their horses just as novice lead generation employees ready the things their seniors will be cleaning up further.

In short, the whole thing hits two birds with one stone. Trying to separate training from on-the-job experience comes off as risky and inefficient (especially with the cost of lead generation campaigns these days). So the next time you are worried about either inexperienced or exploitive lead generation companies, understand that there are plenty of companies out there who can rule out both at once when they generate qualified leads.