Using outsourced lead generation services could save you the trouble of learning too much about the process when there are more important things that your software company has to attend to. Regardless, you might still have a hard time when you keep hearing about how a service provider prioritizes its goal over yours. After all, they do marketing better than you do so why should you expect otherwise?

A Lead Generation Company Has Enough Skill That Lets Them Value Both Goals

Lead Generation, Software Lead Generation, Software LeadsYou know you are outsourcing a reputable lead generation company when they have enough resources both for themselves and for others. Why else would they be a company at all if they only devoted themselves to a single business process? You want qualified business software leads? That is but one among the many that come from their lead generation campaigns. What you must know though is that these leads are meant for you, not them!

  • You have different products – It would be one thing if they sold something that was similar to your business. But generally speaking, they are selling a process and you, technology. Your lead generation campaigns would be promoting two different things! However, an outsourced lead generation company has what it takes to promote themselves and represent your business at the same time.
  • Their target market is wider – Targeting is important in lead generation. But in the case between you and an outsourced lead generation company, your targeting would paint out two different markets. The most noticeable difference would be size. Lead generation companies normally target a wider B2B market whereas software vendors can be limited based on their own industry (e.g. SCM, CRM, EMR).
  • They divide their services accordingly – Obviously they know enough that they do not mix the work force handling your lead generation campaign and the people handling their own. Sometimes they even test new methods prior to approving it for the use of their client services. This keeps them from confusing the cost they incur from using their own resources with the costs of serving you.

Think of it like the common misconception that bakers often eat their own wares or winemakers drinking their own vintage. That may be the case on some occasions but the truth is the cost of doing so would ultimately hurt their business. It is the same for those who excel in software lead generation but will not thrive unless they can find some way to use all the information they get for the service of others.