Reviving TelemarketingTelemarketing is, unfortunately, stuck with a bad image with the public. You can’t imagine how many times people describe telemarketing as the worst thing that could ever happen in marketing. But that’s far from the truth. To be honest, telemarketing does work for business; the only issue is how to make them work properly. Whether a telemarketing campaign succeeds or not depends entirely on whether the telemarketers can deliver a superb service to the customers. And this is exactly what telemarketing is being refitted to do. It’s a necessity, considering the changing needs of this present generation.

These days, consumers are constantly bothered by advertisements and marketing campaigns even during their younger days. This has resulted in them becoming smart enough to recognize frauds and the original. They’d want to have only the best value in the product or service sold to them. They’re not going to buy what you offer solely because of all the bells and whistles that come along with your advertising. And this is where professional telemarketers can particularly shine. A well-placed professional telemarketing call has a pre-defined goal and is structured to ensure maximum response from the prospects they speak to on the phone. That is the secret of the successful ones in business today.

“Blood-suckers, frauds, con artist…” these are just some of the terms used by people to describe telemarketers. It’s a sad fact of life. Telemarketing has often been accused as an intrusive and bothersome form of marketing. It doesn’t really come as a surprise, considering the increasing unpopularity of this medium in the public. You could also tell from the number of people who are signing up at in the Do Not Call registry. That’s how much irresponsible telemarketers have ruined their daily living. And it’s also a reflection at the dissatisfaction that these people get from the terrible service that telemarketing delivered them. You could really see it in their faces once you mention the word “telemarketing” to them.

One of the main reasons why telemarketing has really gone to the dumps is because of the increased focus on numbers. So focused are telemarketers on this that they forget about proper lead generation and appointment setting services for their customers. They lose more from this set-up, since B2B telemarketing relies heavily on quality. It doesn’t matter how many B2B leads they generate, if the quality id bad, then the results will always be bad. That’s why there is an increased need to handle these calls with care. Who knows how much more they’ll lose if another call is badly handled. If you want to give telemarketing a make over, then you’ll have to change things at the core.

It’s also just a good thing that the government has stepped up their efforts to decrease the cases of unscrupulous telemarketers reaching into private homes, and even mobile phone numbers. They have shut down offending firms, passed down legislation controlling the number of calls, and even helped private individuals file cases against other companies. Telemarketing services, seeing that there is nothing to lose over the changes, have also embraced these new laws and have even participated in cleaning up their own ranks. They have stepped up their quality control systems and hire only competent telemarketers to take care of the needs of their clients. In this way, complaints can be reduced to a minimum or eradicated.

As long as these changes are properly implemented, then there is hope of professional telemarketing to make a comeback. After all, it did deliver excellent service before. It just had to redeliver that level of service again.

This post originally appeared at Amber King’s Direct Marketing 101 Blog