Whether it is IT lead generation or any other business process, some people really like to assume that offshoring anything means a business has something to hide. Sure that may have been the case for China’s sweatshops and Foxconn but that it is not so for others. In fact, lead generation specifically really leaves nothing much to hide given that the process is more about finding information instead of hiding it.

What Really Happens In Offshore Lead Generation

IT Lead Generation, Sales LeadsIf you knew anything about what the lead generation process entailed, you will know that the process is only complicated enough to take a while but simple enough that there is really nothing to the results. Here is a brief review on what the lead generation process does and why there is really nothing to see:

  • Contact information – For example, suppose you are an IT company and you need qualified IT leads, like cloud computing leads or IT consulting leads, from a particular region so you outsource an offshore lead generation company that works in the area. What is it that they do? They simply look around for contact information. Sure lead generation also qualifies and engages prospects for a bit prior to salespeople but in the end, all you will find are phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Mere interests – Part of the qualification process is simply identifying prospect interest. Anyone who persists on digging dirt on your company’s offshore lead generation is not going to find anything save what kind of businesses have taken interest in your IT products. Your sales meetings have more sensitive data compared to the mere knowledge of prospects wanting to learn more.
  • Certain anonymity – Offshore lead generation companies also exercise a level of anonymity when it comes to representing their prospects. It is like they are invisible middle-men who simply facilitate the connection between one distant company and another. The best ones make it like generating qualified IT leads had never even left your office building!
  • Easy to trace – Finally, it is not like lead generation activities are not that hard to track. But more importantly, there really is no point in keeping an eye on them if one’s goal was to dig up another Foxconn. Everything from their emails to their social media activities simply point to one goal: making a connection.

No matter what part of the sales process people will look, there really is nothing that a lead generation process has to hide. There is hardly any labor violation nor is there some secret stash of laundered cash being stored. All that will be found are IT sales leads used to help your salespeople make connections.