It’s Valentine’s Day, and folks everywhere are evaluating their relationships and making the changes necessary to achieve happiness. While for some this means coupling up or staying together, for others it means calling it quits. What better time to reevaluate your relationship with your CRM and make sure that your business is getting what it needs to be successful?

If you’re unhappy with your CRM, why are you still holding on? You know you deserve better. But we get it – breaking up is hard to do, which is why we’ve drafted the below letter from you to your CRM to help make the process easier.

Dear [enter CRM name here]…

When our relationship first began, it was full of hope and excitement. You made so many promises: you were going to increase my team’s productivity, grow our sales performance and provide me with unprecedented insights. But now that time has passed, I’ve come to realize that you just can’t give me what I need.

Why are you so difficult? You make things that should be simple – tracking call outcomes, managing contact information, prioritizing new leads – so much harder than they need to be. But no matter how much time and effort I give you, you never give anything back. My team can’t stand you – they would rather I turn back to Excel.

I thought you would be everything to me and my team, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. In fact, it turns out that you don’t have a built-in power dialer, email tracking or push notifications. You don’t even work on my smartphone! How many different solutions will my team have to use to make up for your shortcomings?

Now, with a team that refuses to embrace you and whose activity is split between so many sales tools, all my data has been scattered to the wind. All of those insights you promised are nowhere to be found. What good does it do for me to know how much money my team made last quarter? What about stage duration, or activity outcomes or lead yield?

Clearly, the time has come for us to go our separate ways. I can only hope that someday you understand.

[Your name here]

That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Seal it with a kiss and send that baby off! You’re free, and sure to be more selective before making a commitment to your next CRM. Since you’re back in the market, we’re sending you off with this free CRM Buyer’s Kit to help you narrow down your options and find your perfect match. Good luck, and happy Valentine’s Day!