“Always Be Closing” is one of the oldest sales clichés in the book, popularized in film and pop culture. That sentiment has fed the image of the sleazy, high-pressure salesperson who cares so much about their commission that they’ll stop at nothing to pull a fast one on the unsuspecting customer.

Sales has evolved, and the mantra of “ABC” has fallen out of favor. It’s a new day for sales professionals, driven by an unprecedented level of connectivity and access to customers and prospects. Social media, wireless data, texting, mobile email, instant messaging and unified communications have created the potential for a faster, smarter sales force. Parallel with these technologies, new sales-centric tools have emerged: social listening, CRM, team workspaces, web chat, video conferencing, smart calendars and file sync and share services, just to name a few.

All of these tools can be downright game-changing in the right hands, but they can also easily be overwhelming if your sales team, leadership and culture aren’t aligned and educated.

This new era of sales is more about creating honest, authentic relationships through better access to information, which is the product of technological advances unlike any in human history. Your customers are already online. They’re researching you just as much— if not more—than you’re researching them. They’re showing up at your door better educated and informed than ever before— and you need to be ready to meet, greet and connect at a new level.

A combination of several different strategies can effectively help organizations make the most of new opportunities, including:

  • Presenting a unified Front: Social sales continues to be more than just a buzzword, generating must-use tools for nurturing a personal and professional brand and identifying the right prospects
  • Breaking out of love-hate for CRM: Organizations tend to have a love-hate relationship with CRM, but this is a valuable, albeit often misunderstood tool
  • Rising above the Noise: Content needs to stand above a crowd, break through the noise, and help you position yourself as a thought leader and trusted advisor
  • Revolting against Silos: Sales has become collaborative; so the lone-wolf hunter mentality is less successful in an office than a culture of teamwork.
  • Rallying the Troops: In this new era of sales, trust is important. It’s just as important to be authentic behind as a screen as it is when giving firm handshakes face to face

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