You might think that using a script for your sales calls is old fashioned or outdated or inconvenient – after all, many sales people don’t want to feel like a telemarketer. What’s the point of using a sales call script? You know your stuff, right? Why not just wing it and speak off the cuff instead? It sounds more natural and is more effective to NOT use a script, right? Wrong.

Despite the protests of many sales people over the years, sales call scripts really do work! No matter what you sell, your sales calls are going to be better organized, more persuasive, more effective and easier to improve upon if you use a consistent sales calling script.

Here are a few reasons why you need a sales call script:

Scripts Help You Stay Organized: With a sales call script, you have a way to keep your call organized and make sure you hit all the key points of the call, every single time. You won’t forget to mention anything, you won’t accidentally omit any key details – working with a call script helps you stay focused on your key messages every time, guaranteed.

Scripts Make Your Calls More Persuasive: Have you ever gotten a sales call from someone who seemed disorganized or incoherent or who just didn’t quite seem to know what they were doing? Don’t be one of those sales callers! Instead, use a script. It will help you stay focused and sound smarter. Your sales call script will help you feel more confident on every call, because you have a quick, easy road map to keep you on track and keep emphasizing the right messages with every new prospect. Your sales call script is not meant to slow you down or get in the way of your work – it’s meant to be a supportive assistant to help you succeed. So use it!

Scripts Make Your Future Sales Calls Better: Working in sales is a long-term process and it helps to try to get better every day at your professional craft of selling. The best sales people understand this – there is always something that they can be doing to improve their sales skills, whether it’s learning more about the product or researching new customers or talking through various sales scenarios to anticipate objections and overcome problems before they arise. This is why it’s important to work with a sales call script: your script gives you a consistent framework to go through on every call, and you can evaluate each part of the script to see which messages work and which ones don’t. Which parts of your script are people responding to? Which parts are leading to pushback or objections? Over time, you can revise and hone the message of your calling script to make sure you’re getting better at focusing on exactly the key concerns of your prospects. Every sales call should ideally help you get better at making the next sales call – and using a script helps make sure that this happens. Your calling script is not set in stone, it is a living document. You need to keep making adjustments and making your script better over time.

Many sales people are reluctant to use a script, but don’t ignore the upsides! A calling script doesn’t mean you “don’t know your stuff,” it just helps you be better (and get better) at your job. Sales calling scripts will help you to stay focused and organized, make your most persuasive points at the right moments, and generally build more effective sales relationships by sounding more professional and well-informed. Working with a sales call script is the start of bigger and better sales results!