While developing new products to attract new software leads can be a good idea, it should not distract you if you also have plenty of software leads that were acquired due to interest in previous products. Unfortunately, it seems that even Apple is demonstrating this bad habit using something new to divert attention.

New Software Leads Should Never Be A Primary Focus

Software Leads, Medical Software Leads, Sales LeadsForbes contributor Haydn Shaughnessy just recently posted his take on Apple’s recent attempts to promote a new, upcoming product: the iWatch. Instead of expressing excitement however, he is not only unimpressed. Some words towards the end might tell you to think twice about being so eager to promote your own latest creation to attract new software leads.

To date nobody has explained how this wearable technology will fit into this category of innovation. On the other hand, iTunes in the cloud, fixing Siri, competing in maps, finding another complex product-service problem that will unlock long term revenues.

You do not to worry about Apple’s stock to understand the simpler point of promoting new products as a distraction. Sure, you might still generate leads from the initial excitement yet will these leads improve relations with old ones or will you just continue this awful cycle with the next new product and its next generation of software leads?

Now this should not discourage you from creating new products or new software leads but just from Shaughnessy’s article, these new things should not:

  • Draw attention from current problems – Medical software is one such industry where the same problems continue to prevail despite the introduction of new technologies. Like the iWatch, none of the new may have anything to do with solving those problems. Pay attention to the feedback your are getting from old medical software leads to make new improvements to a product alongside making a new one entirely.
  • Neglect to improve old customer’s experience – When your old prospects are so focused on a current set of issues, they will remain unhappy no matter how many new products you make or who your new software leads are. In fact, these new software leads might even come in to great disagreements over what your company is all about.

You will find it quite common for marketing and lead generation experts to tell you that your best software leads are not the new ones you keep acquiring all the time with new products. More than half of your sales could still come from old software sales leads if you took time to focus on their concerns without any distractions.