inside sales, lead generation, telemarketing, appointment setting, business sales lead generation, appointment setting services, outbound telemarketing call centerAs a start-up IT company, you need to choose between the general consumer market, B2C, and the business to business market, B2B. Your business can make a good profit from both of these marketers, however, it is going to be affected by which method you use in getting sales. If you plan on doing inside sales then you already know that you are going to be using the phone a lot.

The phone is among one of the oldest devices used in marketing. Whoever it was that thought about selling through the phone, marketers should seriously think of giving whoever that person was a big thank you because it gave us another way of marketing to customers within our target markets. The phone takes the spotlight when a company decides to go with inside sales.

One problem that your start-up IT firm may have is that you do not exactly have a team of inside sales representatives to make B2B calls for you. Well, if that is the case, have you considered having an “outside” inside sales team?

Have you thought of outsourcing?

Many companies that seek efficiency and aid in marketing to their customers consider outsourcing their business sales lead generation & appointment setting campaigns to different types of service providers. In recent years, outsourcing has become popular among businesses that require assistance in marketing, increase brand awareness, and in generating business leads.

What do we mean by saying “outside” inside sales?

Outsourcing refers to hiring a third party provider to handle a certain function which you want to have done out of your company. Inside sales, however, is done by people you have in-house. Being a start-up IT company however, means that you may not have the needed expertise, or staff, to do your own inside sales. As such, you should consider outsourcing.

By saying “outside” inside sales, we are talking off outsourcing your needs to a third party service provider. At first you may think that doing this may put your marketing campaign at risk, however, you can rest easy with the knowledge that many companies are able to offer professional and effective services to those that employ them.

Inside sales and the phone.

Doing inside sales usually involves closing business through the phone via B2B telemarketing or cold calling. As an IT company, your best bet with closing deals and generating leads is by communicating directly with your target decision makers. The phone is one of the best mediums of communication that you can utilize in order to market your IT products and services.

The best way for you to close sales is through appointment setting. Since you are doing B2B marketing, you need to be able to meet with your prospects face to face in order to build relationships with them and nurture them until they are sales ready. Being a start-up though, you may not have a good team of callers. That is when outsourcing should be considered.

Want to market your IT company’s products and services to your business prospects? Don’t have an inside sales team to make calls for you? Consider outsourcing your needs to an outbound telemarketing call center in order to get business going.