Inside sales teams have to constantly be on their dialer – the herculean task of hitting and surpassing their never ending daily call quotas and closing deals.

According to a recent study by RingLead, sales representatives leave an average of 70 voicemails per day, requiring a minimum of 60 seconds per call. That consumes about 15% of the sales rep’s time per month. Unfortunately, more calls don’t always equal more sales. Here are a few quick tips on customizing sales calls using webinar engagement data to increase the success of each and every connection.

Relevancy is key. By making sure you’re providing information specifically geared towards your buyer’s needs, you’re able to address points of interest to guide them through the sales funnel. Webinar engagement data provides an invaluable tool for learning your prospect’s specific interests, pinpointing the relevance and making that meaningful, engaging connection that generates sales.

First, familiarize yourself with the engaged material and explore the attachments. Your webinar engagement data should provide insights on what pieces of content they interacted with. This is important because—while webinar topics are often broad and topical—attachments will clue you into a more refined understanding of your prospect’s interest and intent.

Quick tips:

· Identify the engaged materials
· Understand the content
· Determine the prospect’s potential interest points
· Establish how the content can be helpful to the prospect

Next, dig deeper to make sure you’re connecting with the right individual. Evaluate if your lead is the best fit and go a step further if that person won’t be making the purchasing decisions within the company.

Quick tips:

· Visit your prospect’s LinkedIn and seek out alternative contacts within the company
· Leverage your current contact’s webinar engagement to learn more about their organization’s pain
· Suggest involving  the decision maker you identified previously

Finally, optimize the optimist. Just because someone leaves negative feedback on your webinar or doesn’t leave a 5 out of 5 rating doesn’t mean it’s not a potential sale. Use that negative feedback to open the door for a great point of connection. Flip the negative into a positive to make a sale you may have passed in the first round.

Quick tips:

 · Ask the prospect’s opinion on how you can improve your webinar, product or service. Clarify your
company’s point of view: it will be important to demonstrate your expertise in your field if you want
their business.
· Introduce other products or services that can solve their issues or concerns
· Offer a deal or discount on your next event, product or service

Webinar engagement data delivers invaluable information on the interests and activities of potential buyers, allowing you to customize sales calls to the prospect’s specific concerns, questions, or insights. Salespeople can leverage this data to jumpstart the relationship and close the deal.

For more tips on leveraging webinar engagement data to ace sales calls, join the BrightTALK Academy and Frost & Sullivan on “How Webinar Engagement Data Accelerates Sales Conversations” on August 27th at 10 am PT.