There is nothing more disheartening for a sales professional than to go through what looks, feels and sounds like a well-received sales presentation only to end up with an objection.

A sales objection can take on many forms depending on the relationship the customer believes he or she has with the sales rep. A good relationship may result in a more gentle type of objection such as “maybe next month” or “we don’t have the budget right now, but it is an interesting product.” For a more distant relationship or no relationship at all you may get a “not interested” or “your competitors offer better pricing, perks, service, etc.”

The key is to remember the type of objection doesn’t matter; it is all a way to say “no.” How you react after a sales objection is going to be critical to turning an objection into a successful sales closure. Learning how to overcome sales objections can help you make more sales and can also give you more confidence going into your sales calls.

Silence is Golden

Most sales reps go into hyper drive when they hear a sales objection. They immediately begin repeating key factors, sales points, and benefits of the product or service.

This is usually accompanied by the customer shaking his or her head in the negative and immediately moving to wrap up the meeting. This effectively shuts down the discussion and leaves you fumbling for a way to ask for another meeting.

A better option is to avoid this impulse completely. Take a deep breath, keep your face neutral and make eye contact with the customer. Count very slowly up to five.

Most customers will immediately move to provide a reason for the objection. That reason for the objection is a starting point for the next part of your sales presentation. In other words, they are telling you just what has to change for them to be able to make the purchase.

While silence after the objection may seem counterproductive, it is very helpful. This additional information provided by the customer allows you to ask a few more questions, getting a full understanding of the objection and allowing you to make another sale offer to eliminate the objection and move the sale forward in the right direction.

Learning how to overcome sales objections is key to your success as a sales rep. It is your responsibility to get past the standard objections that you come across in order to take your sales to the next level.