are your leads qualified

Perfecting your lead generation takes a lot of hard work. In addition to constantly implementing new strategies, you also need to keep analyzing your progress to see how your strategy is resonating with those leads.

Without strong leads, a business can’t build their customer base. While a lead is certainly not the same as a current customer, the goal is to get them there as quickly as possible. And, keep them there. Converting a lead over is one of the most challenging aspects of any business. After all, how do you know when it’s time to send that lead over to the sales team?

Are your leads qualified enough for that next step? How do you know?

are your leads qualified

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How much time does this lead spend on your page? And, what do they do?

When this lead visits your website, you need to study how long they are spending on that page, and what pages they are visiting. Does it look they are just considering your site for a moment, or are they spending serious time getting to know who you are? If they are just taking a glance, they aren’t quite qualified yet. But, if they are opting-in and also searching your products page, you’re going to need to get this lead over to sales. They are qualified.

  • When was the last time this lead visited your site? What about frequency?

If it’s been three months since this lead last visited your site, you might not want to spend too much time focusing on them. In addition to looking at other criteria, there’s a good chance their activity is too far back to qualify them. On the other hand, if this lead has been on your site once yesterday, once Monday, and three times a week prior, you need to hone in on this lead ASAP. Remember, time is money, and you only have a little time left to take care of this qualified lead.

are your leads qualified

Dig in Deeper

  • How are they treating your emails?

When you send out e-mails to this lead, how are they “responding” to it? We don’t mean whether not they are literally responding, but are they reading it? If these leads are opening up your emails and reading them, that’s a great sign and means this lead may be qualified. However, if a lot of those emails aren’t being read, you need to then try another strategy.

  • Are they showing interest? Where are they showing that interest and how serious is it?

Taking into consideration the emails and the website factor, does it seem like this lead is showing interest in what you do? Try to pin down what it is they are interested in. Are they only interested in your complimentary ebooks? Or are they interested in something you’re selling, but maybe they are deterred by the price? Consider what it is that this lead wants. If they’re close to conversion, think of a more personalized strategy to keep that interest long enough to convert them.

  • And finally, can you score your leads?

None of this will really make a difference unless you can score your leads. Scoring your leads means you’ll have an easier way of taking all these criteria and understanding them individually.

Lead scoring gives your leads a “score” on a scale, so you can quickly determine whether or not this lead is qualified or if this lead needs to be put on the backburner.

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