It’s the dawn of the New Year. Your appointments are secured and it feels like you fought a long, hard battle up to that point. You thank the marketers and content creators who’ve helped you score. The plan that’s led you to this success has long been evaluated and approved for the next year.

However, all of that could just end in five minutes of fame with your prospect.

Let’s face it. Leads and appointments are never the end. They’re just the first half of the process you have yet to accomplish.

Getting your leads is one thing. It’s another to see them all the way through the sales funnel. Think of it like a really long video game. Just because you finished one boss, there’s another one waiting right behind. You thought you’ve cleared the game but even then, there’s bonus stuff to collect.

In this case, that task is what’s commonly called lead nurturing. Often times, companies make the mistake of focusing on just the direct marketing side of the sales process. They don’t realize that the next step determines how strong their hold will be until a sale is made (and even after that). Keep these things in mind so that you won’t do the same.

A main goal/quest/objective

Like in many games, you are actually given a clear sight of your goal but along the way, you end up making several achievements. Each achievement can have bonuses like:

  • An increase in sales productivity.
  • Existing prospects get educated.
  • Free-trial downloads somehow become paying customers
  • Latent accounts become active accounts;
  • Or even just increasing your rate of interest

Keeping an eye on the final prize helps you stay focused and develop a lead nurturing strategy best fit for your company’s needs. There are times you accidentally end up counting your smaller goals (same way you get too obsessed with the number of medals you got) without checking how they measure up to your main one (using those medals to unlock something). Quantitative goals need to be tied to each other in order to determine the scale of your lead nurturing efforts which plays a pivotal role of your overall objectives.

Don’t let the gear get to your head

Imagine having all of a game’s big and macho gear. You can’t help but just waltz all out in the silent, open field where God knows what’s hiding around to tear you a new one. The situation’s the same when you neglect lead nurturing all because you’ve got so many options in marketing automation.

Just because it looks like you’ve got all the resources available for it doesn’t mean you’ve won the fight. Having everything doesn’t mean you’re god-like. Start with modest framework and build from there. Plan to take advantage of all of the bells and whistles lead nurturing has to offer, but ease into it for a faster nurture launch.

Scout ahead

Some people go as far as to assume knowing a particular strategy is enough to win (be it games or clients). Clearly, theory isn’t as good unless it’s put into practice.

To truly know whether or not your tactics are successful, you must track prospect behavior after the lead nurturing tactics are implemented. For example, with marketing automation services, your organization can track how many times your emails are opened and who clicks on the links or downloads the materials provided.

Everything must be tracked, so your organization can know for sure what is working and what isn’t. Marketing automation offers reports that can help diagnose the wellness of your sales funnel and what part of the sales cycle each prospect is at.

The ‘End Game’

Critics like to ask what is ever the point of reaching the next level or looting the boss. Ever asked yourself the same question regarding your leads? It’s so that you can get something to improve your ‘end-game’. Just like those levels, the rewards represented in a lead are all for the sake of bringing a sale, which means more money to improve a company.

It is essential to figure out what your organization wants to receive from the lead nurturing process and how you plan to reach the goal with your prospects. The outcome of the battle will also play an important role on how you and your organization will prepare for your company’s future.

It’s just like they say, “You’ve won the battle but have you won the war?” Unlocking something like, a new map, may be an achievement in of itself but what comes after? For marketers, what comes after the product page views, the pitching, and even the signing of the deal? That is all just the first half (literally) of this game. Stay tuned for what else could be in store once you get connected with potential clients.