In this blog post, I am going to discuss lead intelligence,what it is, some examples of the software we use and why you should implement it in your business.

What is Lead Intelligence?

Lead intelligence is a form of data mining, the purpose being to capture as much data as possible on your leads to shorten the sales cycle. The more data your sales team is equipped with, the more likely (in theory) they’ll win the business. This is just a piece of your inbound marketing strategy.

Lead intelligence is kind of creepy, actually. I was talking with my Mom the other day about it and I told her, “it’s like Big Brother type stuff I can find out a lot about the people that visit my site. She said, “won’t that scare people off? Why would you want to know all that?“ My Mom was never in sales, so she doesn’t understand the value of having this vital data and how it can help tailor your marketing message. And close more ales.

I think we can all agree on something — the more you know about your leads/prospects the better, right?

A name and email is a good start, but not nearly enough in today’s World. You need to mine as much data from your leads as possible to help close more sales. Using lead intelligence software this can now be achieved.

How do you gather as much data from your visitors?

Well, Google Analytics is a great place to start as it gives you a wealth of data, but as KISSmetrics points out — Google Analytics tells you what’s happening. It is much more beneficial if you know who is doing what and when.

We use a piece of software where we can learn where our leads are at geographically, what pages they viewed before (and after) they filled out a form, number of pages visited, the days they visited the site, time spent on each page, social media profiles, profile pictures (if available) and more. ee why I said it is like Big Brother (Big Brother was a reality TV show where a group of people that are housemates or houseguests living together in a large, usually specially constructed house)

How Does Lead Intelligence Work?

Below is an example of a lead (I used myself for demonstration purposes) to show you all the data that was pulled when I entered in name/email/phone number. Not all leads pull this much information, but wanted I to show you how powerful the software is.

The second example is the pages visited, date and time on each page.

The third example shows total page views, number of conversions and time since last conversion.

Lead Intelligence Data



Pages Visited/Time on Website


Lead Stats


Here is a recap of the benefits of the lead intelligence software we use;

  • What pages the visitor has viewed
  • What types of content the visitor looked at
  • Social media profile data
  • Where they are converting from geographically
  • What landing page the lead converted on
  • What Calls to Action they clicked on

There are plenty of pieces software on the market that handles lead intelligence (among other things) such as HubSpot, LeadFormix, Eloqua, Marketo and Ad Luge are just a few of the many out there. I do not have experience with these pieces of software, so do your homework before deciding as some of them are quite expensive.


Can you imagine handing off leads like this to your sales team? I would be willing to bet they’d pick up the tab more often as you are making their lives a lot easier.