According to some legends, leprechauns grant wishes but not without any strings attached. One tale tells of a man who managed to get the secret of one leprechaun’s treasure only to find himself thwarted once he went to claim it.

You know this can sound a lot like some experiences with gatekeepers. Just when you think you managed to bypass them, suddenly you find yourself redirected to either the wrong person or worse, to the void of the voice mail.

Other times they convince to give out your sales pitch, a common no-no in any lead generation strategy. They could also just simply lie to your face and say your information is all wrong, despite all evidence to the contrary.

You think this type of eldritch trickery is only exclusive to fairy tales? If anything fairy tales are what inspired them! But true to those tales, it only means that they are the tricksters and somewhere you will also emulate the heroes who managed to outwit them.

  • Look up their tricks – Google may be their friend but it’s your friend too. One neat trick in today’s lead generator arsenal is to look up keywords commonly searched by prospects. Why not use the same skill for looking up the keywords of those in a gatekeeper’s position? See what they train themselves to say or diversions are commonly advised. Looking up the opposition’s blind spots can go both ways.
  • Learn a little more about them – You see it in a lot of cartoons featuring leprechauns and other fantasy troopers. There’s always a guidebook on them somewhere. Asides from just their tricks though, you should also learn more about each particular gatekeeper. What else do they do besides keep you from bugging their DM? Are they new or have they’ve been working for quite some time now. When it comes to information, it is true that these people can share plenty of it so don’t waste that opportunity either!
  • Get some magic muscle of your own – If you think that you might as well be beating them at their own game then you’re right. However, fighting fire with fire can get you burned so why not consult an expert or outsource some marketers experienced with handling these types of tricky anti-telemarketers? Think of it like consulting ye old wizard or hermit lady on how to deal with pesky little folk.

You can’t escape the draw of folklore during St. Patrick’s season. It’s part of the culture. At the same time though, that culture simply teaches that leprechauns are only guarding something they value. It’s the same with your gatekeepers, no matter how tricky they tend to be.