When applying targeting to your lead generation campaign, there is a tendency to be too constrictive. You have to be careful about specifying prospects that might be too difficult to acquire even if you did have the resources for it. In financial services for example, just because your company can realistically imagine itself serving businesses on the high end does not mean you should risk restricting your lead generation campaign to only that particular market.

Why Is It Risky For Lead Generation?

Lead Generation, Financial Lead Generation, Financial LeadsLimiting your market in any shape or form comes with its risk. It is only advantageous when you do not want too many financial sales leads beyond the capacity of your financial company to serve. That does not mean there is no opposite extreme. Your lead generation campaign should not only qualify prospects who will demand a decent amount of work. Going the extra mile for a lot less actually has its benefits.

  • They may be the only prospects left – No matter how confused it will leave you, there are ways that your target market will end up consider a competitor who offers less than you. They have a lot of lead generation tricks up their sleeves too. What is more important is that you need to learn how to settle with less when that happens. A prospect who will yield a smaller sale is still better than no prospects and no sale.
  • They could really use your help – Making your services more affordable can be the answer to the prayers of many prospects who would otherwise not give you a second glance because you seemed so expensive. Never forget that financial lead generation is supposed to find people who are simply in need of your help. There is nothing wrong with making yourself good in the eyes of a higher-paying market but a willingness to help is still needed.
  • Your work will be appreciated in other ways – Surely you cannot be so shallow as to consider sales and revenue as the only indicator of a successful lead generation campaign? A prospect might show appreciation in the form of growth. That growth might in turn transform your small prospect into the very high-paying one you have been looking for! See how you can use your lead generation tools to discover hidden potential in small clients.

To summarize, better a prospect who is just starting out and needs a lot of work than having nobody to work with and nobody paying for it (not to mention your current lead generation campaign). If you want limits, stick only to the limits of how much you need to work. There are times when the only important thing is to use lead generation for finding prospects who need help.