There is nothing wrong a little dose of hyperbole for your lead generation campaign. There is everything wrong when it leads to sensationalism. Today, as online technologies enable more publishing of content, there is more room for that kind of sensationalism. Resist the temptation to turn your lead generation campaign into a supermarket tabloid!

When Lead Generation Sounds Like Tabloid Journalism, You Are Doing It Wrong

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Stuff like this belongs in the trash, not in your lead generation strategy!

If you ask me, tabloid journalism is the epitome of sensationalism in media. The most famous examples do not even try to tell you the truth. They just tell you the craziest things just to sell. That is not the kind of lead generation campaign you want for your software firm. See unlike those kinds of media, you actually have something with substance to help clinch worthy software appointments.

And speaking of substance, you should know that it is that very thing which tabloid sensationalism attempts to substitute with things like:

  • Self delusion – The messages of your lead generation campaigns should be one that empowers business users. This is not the same as the delusion that your customers are fighting some ‘good fight’ against an unseen enemy you claim to exist. Meanwhile, your salespeople are there selling your product as the B2B equivalent of a tin-foil hat.
  • Shock factor – When something is too hard to believe, you would probably be right. Why then would you opt to overuse the words ‘shocking’ or ‘real truth’ just to get your software sold? If this is the kind of message you send with your software lead generation campaign, you either have to sober your prospects right away or come clean.
  • Persistence – Despite criticism and exposure hitting you in the face, you press in. Being persistent is a much needed virtue for lead generation right? Yes well, you are also forgetting that real insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

You might think dropping a sensational bomb will send a lot of prospects running for you. But guess what? It will not be long before they realize you are just blowing smoke and some will go as far as deliberately get in the way of future lead generation campaigns. The panic you will incite via sensationalism will not generate sales leads, only substance will bring success!

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