Do no think you are the only one who risks abusing the tactics in your lead generation and appointment setting strategy. Even before the sale, plenty of these tactics are already benefiting your target prospects. Therefore, what makes you think they will not be those who are trying to use that same lead generation strategy to get away with everything and leave you with nothing? At times, you really just got to put your foot down.

Why Your Lead Generation Strategy Must Keep Quiet When It Stomps

Lead Generation, Sales Lead Generation, Sales LeadsThen again, it could come off as rude to your prospects and the reaction could be a more negative than positive impact. How do you put your foot down without anyone, even that abusive prospect, from knowing? Thankfully, your lead generation process has the natural means to show that prospects and customers cannot always ask you anything.

  • Attracting business leads – Think of your lead generation process like a really complex vending machine. Your prospect fills up contact forms and then inserts them into a slot. But, being the complex machine that you are, do not just accept right away. In fact, you even have programs that do not allow for blank details such as name or phone number. Hence, your prospect needs to provide or else nothing can be done.
  • Qualifying your leads – Qualification is a must-have process for any lead generation strategy. Some prospects, despite filling all the details, do not really know what they want to sign up for. It is the purpose of qualification to inform them. Unless they tell you what they want, you cannot say it is something you can accomplish (especially when a deal still looks pretty far away).
  • Setting a time limit – Your lead generation process is under a time limit so it cannot just wait for every single prospect who is still deciding to receive something. You have others who can be more likely to commit themselves to the decision of doing business with you. The same lead generation process does not waste time giving away things that take a longer conversation to appreciate. You do that when closing.
  • Explaining prospect’s needs – Many prospects can be right when they claim that they know what they want. That does not mean they have all the ways to execute it (and the finer details to acquiring them). This takes you back to using your lead generation strategy present your unique position as someone who saves prospects the trouble of any business process.

Normally, limiting prospects sounds counter intuitive to a successful lead generation process. But on the contrary, some of those limits are there for the good of your own business. You can only be at their beck and call for so long and for so much. You have to put your foot down even if it means losing ‘good’ B2B sales leads and business sales appointments. You just need to make sure their limits are their to cushion the sound and avoid crushing your lead generation campaign.