As you already know, lead generation strategies do not always have to drop prospects that lack the needed budget. Follow-up strategies and a little bit of patience might be all that you need. However, sometimes a prospect’s savings are not enough. It would be like stowing away cash to buy fancy equipment but it turns out harder to use once bought. Your lead generation campaign should always educate prospects!

Using Lead Generation As An Early Beginner’s Course

Say you are an SCM software vendor. Like with actual raw materials, you want to make sure none of your software leads are thrown to waste. You look for a chance to qualify them in the future so you wait for the chance that prospects will have enough the second time you come calling.

Better yet, this prospect is eager to upgrade their SCM with new tech and has been waiting for that day just as excitedly. Unfortunately, that can quickly turn to disappointment when you start implementing your solution and realize that using your software was harder than they expected! You want to avoid this? Then turn your lead generation campaign into a beginner’s course for your prospects!

  • Step 1: Seal their interest – You should not only make sure they are interested in saving up, you keep that interest alive. Fortunately, good follow-up strategies can do this alongside other lead generation tactics that maintain your connection. Understand why they want your product and nurture it in a way that will help them use it properly.
  • Step 2: Let them learn at a comfortable paceSCM software lead generation is not a process you can easily rush. You not only have to keep an eye on a prospect’s budget, your attempts to keep them connected and interested should eat up too much that they might change their mind. You can ask for their commitment but let them learn more about your products at their own pace.
  • Step 3: Make believable predictions – Nothing speaks like results (even in the early stages of the lead generation process). One more way to keep prospects interested is to specifically demonstrate what your technology can do for their business. What costs can be saved? What led you to make these conclusions? What can they exactly do with your technology to achieve a particular result?

When you use lead generation to inform and educate prospects, you are not only helping them save up. You will also be helping them know exactly what they are saving up for and even a little bit more on how much they should really spend. Do not just wait for your software sales leads to get the right budget but help them get their money’s worth!