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These days, your lead generation process should not get too used to the usual business prospects for your software products. You never know when you will get a prospect that is like a hybrid result of two different businesses, professions, or even entire industries! Your lead generation should not just be open to potential clients but also to potentially interesting ideas!

Using Lead Generation To Understand The Hybrids

Whether it is a winemaker in need of an SCM system or an artist looking to organize his/her own business clients, both can be cases where your industry could meet theirs and the result is like the business world’s version of the chimera. But despite how odd the concept is, that is still not enough for your lead generation campaign to ignore them and deny yourself software leads. What is stopping you really?

  • Incompatibility? – While testing compatibility is important in order for a successful sales appointment, how sure are you just because a prospect is from a completely different industry than the one you serve? Have you actually taken a look as to what they know about your software products? Better yet, is it really that impossible to meet their demands?
  • Nothing in common? – How sure are you that you have nothing in common? You have a goal that they know your software can accomplish. You in turn just need to use your software lead generation process to inform yourself a little more of how they work and where your software actually fits in. You do not need that many things in common just to put yourselves together.
  • You have not done this before? – What good is your lead generation process when it closes you off to the newest opportunities? Sure, you can take your lack of experience into account but you should at least give yourself more time to realize a possibility instead of looking for excuses to reject it.

The entire tech industry, from consumer electronics to enterprise software, values innovation. What better way to embody that than by looking to put two of the most unlikely things together? Your B2B appointment setting campaign could actually produce an entire line of hybrid businesses so why limit your lead generation targets to conforming with your self-imposed status quo?

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