To succeed in lead generation, everybody needs standard marketing elements like brand image. However, no matter how badly you want to succeed in your lead generation campaign, your image must be one of integrity. Without it, you not only compromise your success but the image of the entire business world.

Using Lead Generation To Project Integrity

Before I go on, the reason why I’m writing this is because I stumbled upon this Forbes article by Amy Rees Anderson. While she applies integrity to generally everything in business, this little excerpt says a lot about what it can do to boost your lead generation success:

Every one person who trusts you will spread the word of that trust to at least a few of their associates, and word of your character will spread like wildfire. The value of the trust others have in you is far beyond anything that can be measured. For entrepreneurs it means investors that are willing to trust them with their money. For employees it means a manager or a boss that is willing to trust them with additional responsibility and growth opportunities. For companies it means customers that trust giving them more and more business. For you it means having an army of people that are willing to go the extra mile to help you because they know that recommending you to others will never bring damage to their own reputation of integrity.”

In other words, trust is your greatest value. As an ERP vendor, your ERP leads are better off coming out of a lead generation process governed by integrity, honesty, and an ethical orientation towards business. Ever been tired of how the business world is portrayed as a stiff world filled with heartless, faceless corporate executives? Well your lead generation services can do something to change all that.

  • Step 1: Start with your product – What is it about your product that can be of great value to your customers? This should be the core concept behind your lead generation campaign. If you have something that can really improve the way things are being done in their business, emphasize it.
  • Step 2: Present an honest and reasonable price – While prices have always posed as an obstacle to sales lead generation, it should be still reasonable. Do not present something that sounds too good to be true unless it really is.
  • Step 3: Exercise transparency – Marketing and lead generation are both processes that share information. And because you share that information to get prospects interested, you need to be really transparent. Again, your lead generation campaign is supposed to inspire trust, not suspicion.

If your lead generation campaign overlooks just one of these steps, do not be surprised when not everyone takes your word. For example, even if your CRM database markets with an image that is heaven-sent to prospects, what if starts raising red flags from their customers? Are they willing to have their data recorded for the sake of that prospect’s own marketing and lead generation?

The use of IT technology has revolutionized the way businesses operate. It has also however, painted an image where big business groups are trying to dominate the world via that same technology. You do not want your lead generation campaign fostering that image. Maintain an image of integrity whenever you are marketing for ERP sales leads!