One of the most common yet often dreaded adversary to any company’s lead generation campaign are negative market predictions. While some might scoff them, others buy them to the point that it is almost prophetic. Sometimes you feel tempted to boost your IT company’s own lead generation campaign because you think being in the tech industry somehow has the future in your favor.

Why Using Extreme Prophecies Can Be Bad For Lead Generations

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Here is why you could be wrong: real predictions are not that extreme. Putting this together with a lead generation campaign is not always a good idea. IT leads are best generated by starting with a simple, not-so-complex marketing messages. Forcing in a complex prediction could result in the worst of misinterpretations like:

  • Declaring the death of an industry – A fine example would be the rumors that smartphones will replace desktop computers. Before you make a similar statement with your own lead generation campaign, consider the fact that such a statement has indeed received backlash. Your IT firm could face the same stiff opposition that smartphone advocates are receiving from PC gamers and other heavy desktop users.
  • Announcing a revolution – Being optimistic is one thing, advocating a technotopia might be a completely different stretch entirely. While you do need to cite advantages as part of your your IT lead generation strategy, it does not mean you give prospects the impression of overnight change. Reality still paints a more sober (and slower) picture of how technology is reshaping the world.
  • Creating a panic – Sometimes your message was not as warmly received even if people did believe you. Worse still, you incite them all into a panic and a panic is not what you need to accelerate your lead generation plans. What may not be a big deal for you might very well be a major problem for them.

You do not have to be some nutty doomsday pastor to feel the negative backlash of extreme prophecies. The business world is full of the same, just spoken in the different language. If you want to use a prediction to generate sales leads, then your lead generation strategy should tone it down. Do not presume big change happens that fast!