The success of your lead generation campaign should not always be based on the amount of money prospects ended up spending on your BI software product. In fact, sometimes the amount spent on you could be an indication that you are on the way to failure! And among the sub-industries of business software, BI is the field that determines whether an amount spent is an indication of progress or an epidemic of wasteful spending!

How To Get Lead Generation Off The Wasteful Spending Drug

Lead Generation, Bi Software Lead Generation, Software LeadsWasteful spending is a drug to all businesses (whether they cater to consumers or other companies). It is quite tempting to keep getting a customer to buy and buy on impulse. But in the long run, it often leads to unhealthy financial management for customers and a negative public image for your company (and industry). How can you get your lead generation process of this drug and start generating healthier sales leads?

1. Get prospects to evaluate themselves – Before, you qualify sales leads after using communication tools to engage prospects and ask questions about their needs. Now, you must use those same tools have indeed been fulfilled. This way you, as the vendor, can see if you really are looking away from the signs that a prospect is just spending money on your business and not making significant use of it.

2. Check if they are just paying for the same thing – It is popularly cited that insanity is doing the exact, same thing over and over again while expecting different results. This applies to lead generation and it also applies to B2B buyers. If your prospects are just buying more and more from you and yet nothing changes, best stop and use your BI software lead generation process to take a second look.

3. Actually slow down until more problems are fixed – You might even want to consider not targeting them for your next lead generation campaign. Until you help them figure out what is behind the severe lack of change, there really is no point to selling more. On the bright side, finally achieving your shared goal has the potential of converting to long-term customers!

Wasteful spending will be the bane of the whole tech industry when its businesses cannot make a strong enough justification for everything that has been spent on it. Use your lead generation strategy to avert this disaster and only qualify BI software leads will not encourage either yours or their bad habits!