lead generation, telemarketing, business to business leadsI’m guessing almost everyone in the world has at least indulged in playing the occasional video game. You had to admit it though, it is quite fun and helps pass the time. However, we do not have our lives revolve around such digital entertainment. Although, there are people who above others excel at playing said types of games and these are the people which we refer to as gamers. Despite the fact that some of them may be nerds or geeks, did you know you can apply certain traits and behaviors that gamers have into doing lead generation?

Gamers are people who are known to out-perform others in playing video games, some of them even make sure to master different types game consoles and their respective video games just to make sure they have the upper-hand at all times. Such behavior is frowned upon by most modern day citizens, but we can admire this behavior if we apply a little business perspective to it. If you take a deeper look at it, you may actually come to find that the behavior and traits that gamers show to be very admirable. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Some gamers may be just completely normal-everyday people we see walking about; they could even be our workmates. Others are probably holed up in the basement of their parent’s house. Nonetheless, let us examine what gamers can teach us about doing B2B lead generation.

Gamers aim for mastery.

One trait which we can admire from gamers is how they always aim for mastery with every game they play. Although lead generation may not be a game, we can still apply this trait. When we are doing lead gen, we must not only perform it but learn to master it as well! Gamers try their hardest to know how to play almost all if not every game on the planet just to be able to call themselves “gaming masters”, you should be no exception as a marketer.

Lead generation is an art, a craft! And just like any craft you should master it so you can produce pleasing results.

Gamers aren’t afraid to spend.

How can a company hope to succeed if it isn’t even willing to fork over a few more dollars for their marketing campaign? A fact that you cannot ignore is that we need to spend money to make money. Another trait which a lot of gamers share is that they are not afraid to spend. Gamers who have deep pockets usually splurge on getting themselves new consoles, games and gaming equipment to better their performance.

The same goes for when you run a business. If you are trying to save every penny you can, then you are not going to be successful. It is not bad to cut back on costs and stay on budget, however you need to understand that what you spend on could bring additional benefits to your current state. For example, how would you know if doing B2B telemarketing isn’t an effective lead generator if you haven’t tried it out yourself? Obviously, it requires you to spend money to either outsource or do it in-house. If you do not spend and give it a shot, you will never know the outcome.

Gamers change and adapt their style.

Gamers change their style and adapt to what’s going on in the game they play to perform better. You should learn to adapt and change your style in doing lead generation according to the market you face so you can get better results. Gamers, whether it be online or offline games, make sure to observe the situation and change-up their play-style as needed and often take different routes and make different choices to see which one works best. The same goes for you.

You should not have only one method of lead generation. You should not always stick to the same tactic, especially when you see that you are not getting good results. Changing your style and adapting to the market you face is what you should do in order to better your acquisition of business to business leads.

Some people who are gamers may not be the most successful or pleasing people in the world. Truth be told, some people who spend too much time playing video games tend to become anti-social or develop strange personalities. However, their behavior and traits in playing games is admirable in a way, especially when you analyze it and give it a look from a business perspective. So, do you think that the behavior and traits gamers have is an applicable to business?