In the subject of lead generation, there are two ways that one encounters a lack of interest in money. It is either in yourself in which you see no need for marketing nor for sales, much less lead generation itself. You can also encounter it among businesses who reject you purely because you come from a money-making angle.

Here Is Why It Is Not A Problem For Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation, Lead Generation Companies, Appointment SettingEven in the business world, there are those who do not believe profits are the end-all of success. That does not mean they do not need lead generation nor does it mean lead generation cannot target them. It simply a matter of understanding their perspective.

And the sooner you understand that perspective, the sooner you can establish something that will get a lead generation campaign on track.

If You Are Not Interested

Regardless of profit motive, your business leads have an even more important function. They give you opportunities. No matter how much you are not interested, you cannot operate for free. Charities themselves rely on donations to distribute. Foundations have to get their cash somewhere. You need lead generation to get yourself connected to similar sources. You need to meet with people who are willing to help you realize your vision. No matter how much you love doing what you do, you will actually need money just to keep doing it. The very basics of running any establishment or institution require sales to pay for:

  • Supplies – Whether you are producing a good or a service, everything requires some form of raw material. Money pays for your access to it.
  • Space – You cannot just expect landowners to let you set up shop anywhere. They have customers of their own (perhaps even from their own lead generation efforts).
  • Service – Even the very people you work with will not completely share in your attitude. These people have themselves (and even their families) to feed. Money pays for that.

If Your Prospects Are Not Interested

Before you can qualify this prospect, you really need to wrap your head around why they do not wish for so much cash. Your lead generation process will not always run so smoothly even if you try to convince them that they need to pay for supplies, space, and services. Many lead generation companies will tell you that, again, you have to understand the prospect’s perspective first before opening your mouth. Sometimes, if you actually paid attention to what your lead generation agents have found, you might learn that:

  • They have simple goals – While your lead generation campaign can target big budgets, even large companies stick to contentment and simplify their goals every now and then.
  • They are just happy to get buy – These people do not want to complicate things any more than they have to. They are just happy to have a business that pays their bills.
  • They have other things to do – Some people run a business only on the side. Just as you outsource lead generation to save focus, they cut on profit motive to save theirs.

Lack of a profit motive is actually a good thing in a lot of cases. It is quite a shame if you are one of those people who have lost sight as to why. Furthermore, it only proves that prospects not interested in profit are still fit targets for B2 lead generation and B2B appointment setting.