Lead Generation for Telecom: Are You Doing It All?

A challenge question is now imposed on telecom lead generation and marketing: Are you doing it all?

Like any other sub industry of IT, telecom companies find it hard to fuse their hectic activities and marketing. But there are still who can manage and even write about it.

So far these are the lessons we have learned:

Solve’s a prospects’ problem

Marketing telecom products isn’t just about selling, it is solving the customer’s problem. Present them the factual benefits they could gain and how it could bring solution to the current problem.

Reach out using available online materials

Extend your reach with the available resources online. Talk about your expertise through blogging, distribute your post over social media and make the article so good that readers and google could not afford to ignore it.

Analyze your data

Question is: Are you getting the right visitors on your website or all you getting were noise? Did any of those visitors converted into leads? From that observation, you can instantly check your efforts on SEO, are you over doing things or some strategies aren’t just as effective anymore?

Use telecom product for telemarketing

Telecom peeps are forgetting the most effective way of advertising, consume your own product.

Learn it from the expert

The three of the most successful telecom companies had given their focus on branding and engagement. Give time to make your customers understand your intention as a business as well as the benefits of your products / services.

Outsourcing to a third party

While some of us don’t have time, wise telecom companies have invested on outsourcing. Relying their marketing and lead generation to trusted and expert B2B marketing company that can handle generating new customers for them while they focused on producing newer products. This is quite a wise choice though selecting the right third party to trust requires an intricate process of researching reviews.

What else do you have in mind? Share below.