Some software leads are so unappealing to salespeople that they’d rather attend appointments with other prospects before closing them. Whether it’s for personal, ethical, or strictly business reasons, they will find grievous issue with all these leads except for the fact that, yes, they can close them.

But when you use them as a last resort, what happens when they fail?

Imagine it like this: say a giant monster is attacking your city. You’ve tried and are still trying to use conventional weaponry to drive it off. Entire Mr. Cold Admiral who says they’re only option is to just nuke the darn thing.

The troops do just that in spite of all risks and moral repercussions that typically comes off with firing off a WMD. But just before they could do that, the monster somehow catches them and now things only get more suicidal because they’ve failed to execute even the last resort.

Same thing can happen when you’re too bent on sending sales to make some highly volatile deals from certain software leads. You demonstrate some of the following mistakes:

  • You put your bets on a plan that could still flop – The trick behind planning for a worst-case scenario is to actually know you still only got a 50/50 chance of going through. It’s one thing to pose to your salespeople the possibility of qualifying leads they may not like and another to actually make them do it.
  • Your last resort felt more like your only one – Depressed or desperate, either way you felt like there really was no avoiding this situation now was there? If you knew that all along then why didn’t you make more effort to ensure the success of your sales rep? It’s almost like you wanted them to qualify these particular leads. You might as well have been more honest with yourself and pursued these to begin with.
  • Alternatives were really out of the question – Following from the previous mistake, did you really share your reps confidence in other leads or did you just let them try for the sake of it? Maybe you should’ve had a little more faith. If your marketers have to constantly meet up with sales to define a lead, why should you be left out of it?

Like the WMD cliché of monster movies, there are so many things wrong with gunning for bad software leads as a last resort that don’t have anything to do with how bad they are. Despite how horrible they may seem, it gets even worse when your sales can’t pull it off.