One of the obstacles to obtaining software leads for today’s technology is the fear of creating something invasive. Privacy advocates should not be underestimated when it comes to blowing whistles at the slightest hint of something intrusive or restrictive. On the other hand, sometimes you can only qualify software leads by implementing semi-invasive measures to encourage good user habits with your software.

Security Measures That Might Turn Off Software Leads

Software Leads, Generate Software Leads, Lead GenerationYou can promise as many security features as you want to attract skeptical software leads. None of them will be a match for users who neglect to keep passwords confidential or exercise proper user protocols. So far, the only way software can fix is to simply act as reminders and, at times, enforcers of these habits.

Unfortunately, this could lead to the same measures that advocates will find intrusive and disruptive. You might likely turn off a lot of software leads as much as you will attract them. Things like measuring the strength of said password, notifying a need to change it, or even just popping them in that little tip box can be regarded as distracting for some users. How can you retain your sales leads while constantly enforcing this?

  • Prior notification – Simply telling prospects about them would be a good start. But as always with your software leads, the challenge is to make sure they are paying attention while you are engaging them. A common mistake to make is to assume that they always are. You should try some means of getting them to respond to your notification.
  • Prospect education helps – There is still a chance that they might find this disruptive so do not hesitate to explain in the best way they can understand. You are not just doing this to generate software leads. You are doing this so that the users from these software leads will not have a harder time dealing with breaches and compromising sensitive enterprise information.
  • Cite other authorities – Be ready to cite some reputable sources as well. Things like hacking and other forms of cyber crime are not only serious subjects when it comes to software leads. They also come with ethical and political issues as well. There are plenty of concerned parties asides from your software firm or your other software leads.

This only gets more important if you have grown to become an industry leader. You have the responsibility of seeing your software leads as not just chances to make money but to mold responsible business software users. There is only so much that technology itself can do to protect itself. Take the time to use your software lead generation campaigns to chime in on both customers and prospects to develop good habits!