One of the most common fears people have about lead generation is having the same sales leads as their competitors. For energy companies, it would be akin to crossing the high-powered streams of the Ghostbusters’ famed proton packs. On the other hand, this fear can have companies steering their lead generation campaigns in the wrong direction just for the sake of avoiding this cross.

How Lead Generation Strategies Can Target The Same Sales Leads And Not Cross Streams

Sales Leads, Generate LeadsThe biggest example of this fear in action is when you are outsourcing your lead generation campaign. Many lead generation companies are employed by many more companies, including those who are after the same energy procurement leads as you. It is only natural to hesitate when it feels like you are crossing the stream of your lead generation campaign with theirs, which could have explosive results.

Fortunately, there are ways to make sure that this does not happen. What you need though is to contract a leads provider with a record for being both highly collaborative and at the same time, highly compliant with your specifications:

  • Race for them as you would race for prospects – Sometimes it is a matter of first come, first served. If you were second to your competitor when approaching the same lead generation company, you should expect the campaign they have for you to be just as far behind. And on the bright side, having to race for one lead generator can be better than racing for multiple prospects at times.
  • Lead generator should have gained your trust – Your provider should give any and all guarantee that the sales leads and appointments they make are exclusively for your business. They do not reveal this information to anyone else.
  • They can keep both campaigns separate – Finally, the leads provider use the gaps between your business and theirs as one of the many means they keep both your campaigns separate. Aside from this, you can also collaborate with them to figure out any prospects who claim a competitor has already set an appointment with them as just one means of rooting out those already taken.

A good lead generation company stands to profit more from serving multiple prospects fairly and sufficiently than rather pit them against each other. So if you still fear that you are crossing the streams and targeting the same B2B sales leads, try outsourcing a lead generator who can separate them for you!