You have a profitable base of customers. sales growth

Now you have the feeling it is time to step it up a notch.

But how?

The  first thing is to look for the most obvious solution.

Get current customers buying more from your business.

After all, it is more cost effective in terms of time and money than trying to get new customers.

For this article I will ignore income streams that you do not control for the moment.

There are three ways to get your current customers to buy more from your business:

  • Increase the frequency they buy your products or services.
  • Add additional products or services to your range.
  • Get them to buy more from your range of products or services.

There are no rules which option to take. It really depends on your business, competitors and customers.

And here are a few ideas to get you started thinking what might be best for your business:


Are your customers buying competitors’ products or services that you do not offer?

You do need to make sure that it you decide to offer similar ones they need some sort of difference. Otherwise, what is the reason your customers should switch.


Often customers give hints and signals that are easily overlooked.

Are they buying competitors’ products or services that you do offer but they are not aware of them?

This can happen as you may assume they know all you offer, when they do not.

Could your customers buy more often if you knew all their needs.

To increase the frequency you might consider adapting some of your products or services into different versions to suit different occasions.

Instead of one off sales is there an opportunity to package them up so they can be bought more times throughout the year.

Be creative and based on your understanding of customers look at what can be bundled together at certain times of the year. Larger companies do it and it may work for your business.

The main thing to remember is if you want to increase sales, a simple place to start is what offer or you could offer to your current customers.

What other ideas can you add to get customers to buy more?

This article originally appeared on M4B Marketing. It is republished with permission.

photo credit: bsperan via photopin cc