Sales Training - Rudementary or Essential?

If you’ve stopped by here before you would have heard me talking about the ‘World of Over Supply’ and how that affects both the buyer and the seller today.

Something else common today is the ‘Reboot’.

Old is ‘cool’.

Movies. Music. Adverts. Clothes.

Just about everything is being rebooted.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the IPhone 5s/6 is actually a reboot of the Mac1!

While most reboots are, well, decidedly average, I have particularly enjoyed the first two seasons of the BBC’s Sherlock. It’s well thought out, well delivered and based on what has been proven successful already.

I’m sure you have you’re own opinions on most reboots and that you feel a lot are poorly done and do little justice to the original.


Sometimes the basic more simple ‘stuff’ is just better, yes?

It can apply to anything.

This is definitely true with sales and marketing.

I love to speak in public at events, networking groups and the like.

I recall the first session I gave and I could sense an air of anticipation in the room. The room could have been filled 2 or 3 times over and all for a presentation entitled; “How To Keep In Touch”.

Sure, content marketing is BIG now.

Sure, I could provide some context that had not been heard before.

Novel? Advanced? Revolutionary??

No, really not.

I got the impression that the expectations was for me to showcase something that have never been heard before and would change the way that adopters would do business for ever.

The truth is; Simple works. Proven works. There is no right or wrong in sales and marketing so to speak. There is best practice and everything else.

IF what you are currently doing in sales and marketing isn’t working it is probably needing modification not overhaul.

Oftentimes success comes from understanding the basics and how the knowledge is applied.

Do you think that Enterprise level sales and marketing practice differs from that of smaller businesses? No.

Once the basics are understood and applied then there can be focus on the elements that are working well to increase productivity and ultimately results.

Sherlock Holmes is famous for his catchphrase; “It’s elementary my dear Watson”. This would often leave Watson scratching his head in uncertainty over what he had missed.

If you feel the guides, the training the assistance you are receiving is rudimentary AND you’re seeing results you are in a position to sit back and enjoy the results. If you’re not seeing the results then the chances are that you are not applying the knowledge to the best of your ability.

Sales 2.0 and Marketing 2.0 are about how to leverage the rudimentary skills in the changing landscape. It all, at the end of the day, stems from being able to present and investable opportunity in line with the needs of the prospective customer.