Sometimes your IT sales representative get so passionate or so eager for a sale, they are willing to appeal to prospects by claiming they have higher causes. Of course, that would be a good thing but that also depends on whether or not you have such a cause or are you just like any other B2B software firm, looking to cash in on more of those IT sales?

Your IT Sales Team Should Play This Card At Its Fullest

IT Sales, IT Sales Leads, Lead GenerationClaiming to sell things for a higher purpose comes with the high cost of going straight for that goal. There is no room for slacking. Your IT sales team should understand the seriousness of claiming to do things for a greater purpose (better work environments, increased productivity, reduced management stress). Do not start dreaming of the many software leads you could convert into IT sales.

Instead you should understand that you need to pour more of your resources to seeing your higher purpose fulfilled. That includes more involvement and investment on your business development for your IT sales professionals. It also means less on non-core processes like lead generation.

Though speaking of which, here are is an illustration to show why focusing on the greater goal in hand should have your attention on that goal. Suppose your software company is a superhero organization. But whether it is the Avengers working with S.H.I.E.L.D. or the police working with Batman, even superheroes rely on the efforts of regular people. The same applies when your IT sales should count on things like outsourcing.

  • You need many eyes – Even the Justice League has regular folks manning their Watchtower and helping them keep an eye on things. If your IT sales team considers itself super, it should do the same: outsource lead generation firm to help you look out for IT sales leads.
  • Everyone is on a big job – If you are fighting for a higher cause, big jobs should actually be considered a norm for both your IT sales team and for the rest of your firm. Still, that does not mean you will always have resources to spare. Do not hesitate to ask outside parties to help you manage your qualified leads so that you will not waste every opportunity to maximize those IT sales opportunities.
  • Your clients must remain focused as well – In superhero stories, there needs to be focus on what the heroes are doing and who else is involved. For your IT sales team, the same focus should be shared between you and your prospect. If your IT sales pitch is going to play the higher cause card, you want just as engaged and your marketing must not be too distracting.

Done right though and you will not just disprove those who are suspicious of your IT sales representatives. The reward itself goes beyond IT sales and your sales lead generation strategy has truly helped your company work itself towards a higher cause.