Just because your IT sales leads are for IT products and services does not necessarily mean engaging prospects is strictly limited to online-based communication. You may want to make most use of a technology you are advocating but that can just lead you to overrate it. It is in that same manner that online communication in general has been overrated alongside its polar opposite, live communication. Neither one is really perfect for sales leads.

Getting Sales Leads Despite These Perfectly Fallible Extremes

Web Hosting Leads, Telecommunication LeadsThe debate of online communication versus live has been raging ever since the birth of the IT industry itself. This conflict, unfortunately, has also impacted the debate on which communication tools are best for acquiring sales leads. Naturally, IT companies would side more with finding sales leads via the internet (e.g. email, social media, websites) compared to those who would rather sit down some place and have a client meeting over coffee.

Some periods one side seems to have taken the upper hand in terms of trends. The reality however is that miscommunication does not discriminate based on tools. It happens everywhere and will always pose as obstacle to acquiring sales leads. When you take all the flaws that either party points out, the more those flaws start looking like the same picture save painted with a different brush (digital or real).

  • Lack of articulation – Your qualified IT leads are required to have accurate statements from a prospect but incoherency affects your understanding of those details whether you read them in an email, hear them over the phone, or even as you sitting right across your potential customer. No switching is going to fix this and recover your lost web hosting leads, telecommunication leads, IT consulting leads and other closable leads.
  • Lack of knowledge – Communication is but the pipe through which information flows through. If there is no water, no amount of pipes is going to draw it out. Sales leads are not the only information necessary for business. You need to know what kind of prospect you are talking to, regardless of what you talk with. Sales leads can be lost due to lack knowledge as much as lack of communication and social skills.
  • Lack of understanding – Knowledge and understanding may not be synonymous. You may have a block of information written down or recorded in some database but do you really understand what was just said to you? Are sales leads you are currently getting really the sales leads you need to be getting? You can hear a prospect clearly over any medium but if you cannot grasp what it is, you are only hearing but not listening.

Take any of those three inadequacies and you will find that they still continue to plague communication no matter form it takes. And when your sales leads require that many forms, you might fall under the misconception that switching your IT lead generation tools solves everything. It really does not. You have to focus on where the real lack is whether it is near or far.