IT sales lead generation, IT telemarketing, IT services leads, IT consulting leads, web hosting leads, cloud computing leads, IT outsourcing leadsMany marketers still turn to the use of telemarketing when doing IT sales lead generation. For IT companies that seek to increase new business, then using the phone is must when it comes to finding new leads. This is what we call teleprospecting. Many businesses still make use of this method of looking for new prospects. As such, telemarketing remains strong in the eyes of marketers.

So what about email marketing? What about social media? Why rely on the phone to find new business leads – IT consulting leads, web hosting leads, cloud computing leads or IT outsourcing leads? As a direct marketing tool, marketers use telemarketing because it allows them to get in touch directly with the decision makers they need to be talking to. In email marketing your message still has the chance to not reach your target prospect, or get sent to the wrong email address. Social media is no different – people will see your ads and content, but you can’t be sure that those people are your target prospects.

As such, when it comes to IT sales lead generation, telemarketing gets the job done for marketers. However, why is it that your calling campaign doing as well as you would have hoped it would? Well, the answer could be that there is something wrong with your call script.

No call script is perfect, especially at the start.

If you are just starting out with using B2B telemarketing as part of your lead generation strategy, then I’ll have you know that no call script is perfect, especially right at the onset of your campaign. Even if you plan for months before you start calling, you’ll be surprised to find that you won’t get the results you want at the beginning of it all.

If the problem with your campaign is your call script, then you may need to know a few things in order to help make your campaign produce results.

  • Make tweaks as your telemarketing campaign goes on – Your call script may not be perfect at the start, however, you can refine it as you keep making calls. The longer your lead generation campaign goes on, the more data you can collect on which parts of your script need to be tweaked.
  • Take note of words that get reactions, be they bad or good – We cannot deny that there are just some words which make use react. For example, when we hear the word free from a marketer, we either become enticed or skeptical with their offer. There are lots of others words which could make your prospects react so it is a good idea to know what these words are and how they make your prospects react. This will help you in modifying your call script.
  • Trust your gut on when to deviate from your script – Although you have a call script, referring to it all of the time will only make you sound like a broken record to your prospects. A lot of the people you call will actually be able to tell of you are trying to pitch them or sell them something just based on your opening spiel. As such, learn when you should deviate from your script; know when to trust your gut. Your call script may be good, however, it can only ever take you so far.

Generating IT services leads is very doable if you make use of telemarketing to do teleprospecting. If your lead generation campaign is ailing, however, you may want to take a look at your call script.