You are the one responsible for sales in your emerging growth company, and you have very aggressive targets.  The decision has been made to utilize a channel partner strategy to rapidly expand the team out in the market selling your product or service.  It is critical that your channel partners be trained on your product so they can effectively sell.  But how do you deliver that training?

Face-to-face training is a thing of the past.  No company can afford the time and expense associated with this training methodology.  Online training is the preferred methodology.  Advantages of e-learning include:

  • Available anywhere and anytime
  • Low cost and easy to administer
  • Can easily provide content in multiple languages
  • Update content rapidly
  • Ability to track participation and performance (testing)

A good learning management system can provide an effective platform for training and certifying your channel partners.  But, as we have discussed in previous posts, collaboration and engagement are critical to a successful channel partner strategy and education is only one component.  A successful channel partner strategy involves regular two-way communication, education, motivation and measurement – which results in alignment of activities.

Learning management systems are designed to deliver training, and not much else.  What you need is a tool that allows you to engage frequently and effectively with your channel partners.  This regular engagement allows you to capture more of your partner’s mindshare.

While training and certification is an important component of successful engagement with your channel partners, you need to make sure that you address these other core elements:

  •   Collaboration – sales people work best in an environment that is supportive and collegial.
  • Marketing/Communication – people like to feel connected, which can be accomplished by having information readily available.
  •   Performance Management – employees need feedback to know where they stand within the organization and what they need to do to improve.

It should now be clear that an out-of-the-box learning management system is not the right tool to help you improve collaboration and engagement with your channel partners.  You need a tool that will address all of the elements listed above in a cost effective and efficient manner.  What you are looking for is a partner relationship management (PRM) system.  Today’s best PRM solutions utilize cloud-based technologies and a robust partner portal to bring all of these activities together for the same cost of a learning management system.  The best PRM solutions make it easy for you to increase collaboration and engagement with your channel partners.

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