4 Advertising Tools You Can Use to Drive More Sales

Increase Your Sales With These 4 Ad Management ToolsToday I have some advertising resources that can truly increase your business leads and sales. Here’s four links with tips and tricks to kick start your Monday.

With so many changes to search engine and social media algorithms, it seems the wave of the future for more visibility for your brand is in paid advertising. Your business needs the best results with a minimal amount of time and expense. Do you need to improve your sales online? Take advantage of these great ad tools, and let me know how these work for you!

1) Real-time ads – Criteo

You’ve taken the time to create a great product or service, but need to reach more potential customers relevant to your niche. Criteo is a great tool that allows you to hone in on the right prospects and provide offers just when they need them. This smart resource includes an intelligent algorithm with connections to 16,000 publishers with precise CPC tracking and management. Use this state-of-the-art resource to find out more about your target market for better ad performance.


2) Highly targeted ad solutions – ReTargeter

If you need better insights for your paid ads, and want to increase your sales then you will enjoy this intuitive tool. ReTargeter provides re-targeting services for both websites and Facebook Pages. Focus your ads to your current customers and leads based on email opens, clicks, engagement, and more. This service will not only improve your conversion rates, but also helps you manage your ads with ease.


3) One re-targeting solution – Perfect Audience

If you spend a few hours each day lining up ads on different platforms then you will enjoy this all-in-one solution. Perfect Audience will allow you to install one tracking code for your mobile ads, website, Facebook, and re-targeting campaigns. Easily track your revenue, manage multiple websites, and get detailed analytics from one dashboard. The tool includes helpful videos and tutorials to help your business take more control over your ads.


4) Reach more customers – AdRoll

Would you like to attract new prospects no matter what device they are using? AdRoll includes services like Apple iAd, Facebook, Twitter, and Google in a user-friendly interface. Collect customer data and engage your customers with targeted ads, especially on Facebook where users have seen a dramatic increase in revenue from using this tool. The service also includes managing your promoted tweets on Twitter with a powerful reach through mobile and desktop platforms.


Hopefully you will find these advertising tools helpful for your business sales. Are there any that you would like to add as well?