Is your current concept about sales renewals oversimplified?

If you only see simple, flat renewals – where it takes little skill to conduct the rote function of sitting on the phone and getting a customer to sign up for a new software license – then you’re undervaluing all the ways sales renewals can help your software business.

What are some of the larger opportunities you can gain from developing a sales renewals and customer retention management program?

  • Increased opportunities for upsells
  • Improved customer education and retention
  • More customer feedback on your products and services

Too often, software businesses believe that renewals are a given and not one of the integral phases of the sales cycle. This line of thinking means missing out on a perfect opportunity to have a collaborative, introspective conversation with current customers.

Renewals lead to valuable opportunities for cross-sell and upsell business, not to mention the input you receive on ways to improve your products and services (which also drives company revenue).

What To Look For In A Sales Renewals Outsourcing Solution

If you’re merely looking for some warm bodies to put in seats and make calls for flat renewals, you’re not looking at the opportunity of outsourcing in the right light.

An outsourced sales partner for the renewals phase of the sales cycle is there to help you understand, define and strategize for delivering what the customer wants. To succeed at prospecting in terms of renewals, user retention and upselling, you need the right outsourced sales partner with the right approach.

The following is what to look for:

  • The price of outsourcing needs to be substantiated with assurances of experience in the form of demonstrable success and referenceable customers.
  • Proof that your outsourced sales partner turns renewal sales strategies around to grow the number of licenses or instances of user retention.
  • That your outsourced salespeople are capable of picking up the phone and engaging customers to gain valuable feedback that helps accomplish your goals.
  • Your partner demonstrates an ability to seamlessly integrate back into your in-house reporting system and other business functions.

Obviously, there should be a cost advantage to outsourcing sales renewals, where you’re getting an equivalent amount of work for less than it would cost you to keep this work in-house. But, you should also look to outsource a renewals program where positive activity is occurring, from renewals to upsells to improved customer retention rates.

Keep your in-house sales rock stars focused on generating new business, and push sales renewals to your outsourced team, which understands how to speak with customers about technical issues to go beyond flat-line renewals and find upsell opportunities.

Ready to learn more about making sales renewals outsourcing a part of your software company’s budget?

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